Drive growth with a differentiated retail customer experience

Glassbox gives retailers the tools and insights to optimize and personalize digital experiences, driving greater conversion rates and improved profits.

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Improve the retail customer experience to increase spend

With the explosion of e-commerce and mobile shopping, retailers face declining customer loyalty. Surviving in a highly competitive sector calls for a seamless and rewarding retail customer experience. Glassbox helps you deliver.

Analyze digital customer behaviors in real time to create personalized shopping experiences for websites and mobile apps. Find and fix UX issues to lower your bounce rate and boost conversions. Plus our Augmented Journey MapTM shows where customers are abandoning their journey and why.

Improve The Experience And Increase Spend

Leverage data insights to boost revenue

With digital stores replacing brick and mortar, delivering highly relevant and personalized offers is key to driving retail growth. Glassbox is the ideal solution for retailers looking for the data-driven insights they need to engage customers and improve sales.
Unique Experiences

Unique experiences

Understand each customer’s preferences and feed marketing systems with user behavior data for personalized offers.
Increase Customer Spend

Increase customer spend

Drive greater loyalty and more frequent visits from your users.
Drive Engagement

Drive engagement

Keep your site and app "sticky" and boost dwell time.
Test At Speed

Test at speed

Experiment with A/B tests and implement learnings in real time.
Reduce Churn

Reduce churn

Identify behavior that signals a likelihood to churn and retain customers.
Fix Bugs Fast

Fix bugs fast

Get instant alerts to identify and resolve issues before they become a problem.

Increase conversion rates

Tag-less deployment makes it easy to track all activity and engagement, giving you insights into best performing CTAs and buttons. Use this to optimize your web pages, app screens, forms and CTA buttons to increase engagement and conversion.

Optimize A/B tests

Visually compare customer journeys based on the experiences you’re testing. Find test candidates by simply looking at the automated visual alerts on the Augmented Journey Map

Identify best behaviors

Glassbox empowers you to compare journeys and identify behaviors of your most engaged customers. You can then test hypotheses and increase user engagement with your digital channels and mobile apps, all while monitoring and measuring the impacts on engagement, conversion and retention.

Privacy by design

Glassbox is built to protect your customers’ data—and protect your business. All customer inputs are omitted out-of-the-box, and data such as credit card information is not captured by default. Privacy settings like data masking are fully customizable to meet your requirements and regulatory needs.
Case Studies

Purina increases digital engagement across their website

"With insights into our users behavior, we improved customer experience, engagement and ultimately drove more revenue."
Jill Taylor
Digital Product Lead
Case Studies

NBrown increases customer lifetime value

"By understanding the friction points driving conversions, we increased both customer acquisition and their lifetime value"
Chris Grant
Head of User Experience
Case Studies

Visa CAL streamlines their credit card application process

"With Glassbox, we found the full root cause of the issue, including communication with the server.”
Ofer Goldberg
Head of Digital Services
Case Studies

Air Canada removes friction from the online reservation process

"If I had to choose only one analytics tool for my product, it would be Glassbox without hesitation.”
Sylvain Robitaille
Senior Customer Experience Analyst
Case Studies

Bank Leumi saw ROI with Glassbox for mobile apps in just 8 weeks

"We couldn’t imagine better cooperation with a tech partner than the one we have with Glassbox.”
Mobile App Product Manager
Bank Leumi
Case Studies

SoFi improves digital journey for big revenue impact

"Glassbox gives us the most accurate view of how our members experience our app and gives us confidence in our UX.”
Software Development Lead
Case Studies

Just Right Improves the Digital Experience for Pet Owners

"With insights into our users’ behavior on different devices, we are delivering best in class experiences on both mobile and web"
Courtney Toder
Digital Product Lead

Elevate your retail customer experience with Glassbox