Understand digital customer behavior...and prove it!

The FCA's Consumer Duty requires firms to enhance policies, practices and technology. With its looming deadline of 31 July 2023, we are offering UK Finance members an exclusive 15% discount on the Glassbox digital experience intelligence platform to help you meet the new regulatory requirements.

Glassbox's captures and analyzes all customers' interactions with your website or mobile app. Used by leading financial institutions to deliver frictionless digital customer experience, Glassbox is also uniquely positioned to support compliance teams to:

  • Monitor digital channels and alert you to customer struggles

  • Capturing the data needed to demonstrate fulfillment of the standards of the Consumer Duty

  • Easily share information cross-functionally to act upon uncovered problems quickly

Rated 4.8/5
The ability to watch a user navigate the site click-by-click has been incredibly helpful in identifying issues.

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Terms & Conditions: Glassbox Discount of 15% is granted to UK Finance Approved Members. An Approved Member is: 1) a current member of UK Finance that is operating in the United Kingdom, 2) Not an existing customer of Glassbox or entered into negotiations with Glassbox prior to 17 May 2023, and 3) Has registered its interest to contract for use of the Glassbox platform via this web page as a direct result of the joint promotion of UK Finance and Glassbox.