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About Glassbox

Glassbox reveals the insights that empower organizations to deliver better digital customer experiences. When we help our customers create better experiences for their customers, everyone wins.

When it comes to customer experience, the stakes are high. That’s why everyone at Glassbox is laser-focused on doing the right thing. We believe that means making wise decisions about our platform, but it also means caring about each other—and doing our best to achieve incredible outcomes for our employees, partners and customers.

That last point is huge. Glassboxers are enthusiastic about data, but improving experiences for the human at the heart of every digital journey is what we’re truly passionate about.

We’re a highly energized bunch who love to move fast! But we never forget to approach our work with objectivity, honesty and transparency

Our story

In 2010, our founders—Yoav Schreiber, Yaron Gueta and Hanan Blumstein—could see what digital experience analytics platforms needed to become in order to truly deliver better experiences for users. They envisioned a platform that supported both web and mobile apps to give users a more complete picture of the customer journey. They knew it needed to be built to support high-volume, data-sensitive environments. And most importantly, they knew it needed to be fast to install and effortless to maintain.

Believing they could make such a platform, Yoav, Yaron and Hanan left the comfort of a corporate life and chose the path of adventure with humility, dedication and lots of energy! Fast forward to today, their vision is now reality and remains at the heart of Glassbox’s success.

Meet our leaders

The Glassbox leadership team draws on extensive industry knowledge to help your business maximize its potential.

Life at Glassbox

Culture is our bedrock. Whether you are an engineer, a developer, a marketer, a sales-driven individual or simply outstanding in your field of expertise, there’s room for you.