Connect your company around the customer

With a single view of the digital customer experience across your organization, CX teams can identify, prioritize and act on customer feedback faster than ever before.

Create customers for life

By capturing and analyzing 100% of user interactions across your website and native mobile app, Glassbox shows customer experience teams how they can reduce user struggles and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Demystify customer feedback

Customer feedback can be vague or disconnected from the experiences that inspired it, limiting the actions your customer experience team can take. Using Glassbox’s built-in VoC capabilities—or one of our seamless VoC integrations—your customer experience team can connect VoC feedback to specific user sessions to see exactly what customers experienced and why.

Turn user experiences into real action

Survey response rates for most companies are typically low, making it difficult to understand whether a negative comment is representative of the broader customer experience. By analyzing all user sessions and automatically identifying patterns in user behavior, Glassbox makes it easy to validate the feedback you receive so your CX team can champion the improvements that will lead to greatest customer benefit.

Prioritize CX issues by business impact

Glassbox makes it easy to see how many users are being impacted by a particular issue, whether it’s a CX problem causing customers to abandon their journey or a technical issue resulting in unexpected friction. In addition to quantifying the scope of an issue, our digital experience intelligence platform also calculates the estimated revenue impact so you can easily prioritize improvements.

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

Why customer experience teams choose Glassbox

VoC: native or integrated

Trigger feedback prompts based on a user’s real-time experience to create a direct link between feedback and the session that inspired it. Glassbox also integrates seamlessly with existing VoC solutions, including Qualtrics, Medallia and Momentive, to supercharge customer feedback.

Get actionable feedback

Customer experience agents can check the Augmented Journey Map™ to find and investigate conversion drops, visitor struggles and errors. User struggles are automatically flagged, making it effortless to review and resolve potential CX problems. For a closer look, watch video-like session replays that reveal the true user experience. 

Built-in collaboration

Glassbox enables CX teams to collaborate easily with other departments. When challenges and opportunities are identified, your CX team can share findings with relevant colleagues to accelerate response, resulting in better outcomes for customers and your business.

Increase loyalty

Create experiences that leave customers satisfied.

Reduce churn

Less friction leads to long-term relationships.

Prioritize improvements

Revenue impact metrics help you focus on what matters most.

Identify issues instantly

Get alerted to problems so you can solve them faster.

Facilitate collaboration

Share insights to align the company around CX.

Stand out from the competition

See how Glassbox helps CX teams provide a service that exceeds expectations.