Demystify user behavior for better digital products

Gain a deeper understanding of how customers behave—and why—with digital analytics built for product and UX teams.

Make data-driven product decisions

When you don’t know why users behave the way they do, it’s impossible to define and prioritize your roadmap optimally. Which bugs and performance issues really affect customers? Which new features are they craving? By capturing and analyzing 100% of digital events automatically, Glassbox gives product teams all the insights they need to make decisions that drive loyalty and growth.

Know more, grow more

Glassbox captures and analyzes every user interaction across your digital channels with no manual tagging required. With user-, page-, session- and journey-level analysis, it's easy to fully understand how users engage with your product and why.

Find your product epiphany

With a clear view of how users experience your product plus business impact metrics, it’s easier than ever to prioritize the product opportunities that will grow your business.

Prioritize enhancements easily

When you can visualize the experience of a single user, a defined segment or your entire customer instantly, you have every lens needed to fully understand your product experience. Glassbox then gives product teams the tools to quantify business impact, prioritize projects and collaborate cross-functionally. 

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

Why product & UX teams choose Glassbox

Engage and retain

Glassbox makes it easy to compare customer journeys and identify trends among your most engaged customers. Apply this learning to your user journeys to test the best method of maximizing engagement and retention across your digital channels.

Optimize conversion rates

Our platform provides you with a better understanding of what does and doesn’t work for your customers, allowing you to optimize web pages, app screens, forms and CTA buttons for engagement and conversion.

Improve A/B tests

Visually compare customer journeys based on the experiences you’re testing. Easily find perfect test candidates by reviewing automatic alerts provided by our Augmented Journey Map™.

Deliver more customer-centric digital products

Glassbox makes it easy to see exactly how customers use your product—and where they experience struggles or victories. At the same time, Glassbox makes diagnosing technical issues that affect the user journey easy with AI-driven insights.

Combine these features with powerful decision-making tools, including revenue impact calculations and automatic A/B test mapping, to take your customer understanding to a whole new level.

Look no further

See how to boost user engagement with comprehensive digital analytics for product managers and UX teams.