Find and fix technical issues faster

Digital experience monitoring and performance analytics help you detect and respond to technical issues in real time to mitigate customer impact.

A clear, complete view of site reliability

Glassbox automatically tracks the performance of all elements across your digital channels with no manual tagging required. The result is a clear view of what is holding back your site and mobile app—and the associated cost to your organization.

Detect problems sooner

Solve more issues within your service level agreement (SLA) thanks to AI that uncovers performance issues, crashes and user struggles. Stay on top of maintenance with automated, real-time alerts that inform you of problems as they occur, enabling you to fix them before they impact your business.

Find root cause faster

Glassbox captures 100% of digital events, making root cause analysis fast and easy. Video-like session replays make it possible to watch exactly what a customer experienced from their perspective alongside all associated technical and server-side events.

Prioritize projects by business impact

Monitoring digital application performance at scale presents many opportunities for improvement and optimization. Digital experience monitoring from Glassbox helps you to prioritize development resources based on how many users are impacted as well as automatic revenue loss calculations.

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

Why engineering & DevOps teams choose Glassbox

See the full user journey

Glassbox captures 100% of user interactions and maps them across your website and mobile app. This means there are no gaps in your reporting, no issues that go unnoticed and no need to make assumptions about their underlying cause.

Monitor client and server events

Our platform provides you with full visibility into client- and server-side activity, allowing you to visualize issues as experienced by users and from a technical perspective.

Receive instant alerts

Access to real-time data from all user journeys keeps you in the know about bugs and issues before they become a major problem. These alerts can be configured to provide exactly the information you need, when you need it.

Boost mobile app performance with a single SDK

See and understand—in real-time—what your customers are experiencing on your mobile app with Glassbox for native mobile apps.

Find every frustration and uncover every technical problem with mobile-specific behavior reports. Track and tackle performance issues that impact the user experience, keep tight control of your app size and generate more revenue.

Move quickly from insight to action

See how Glassbox helps engineering and DevOps teams fix issues faster.