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Get the digital experience intelligence you need to elevate your telecom customer experience. 

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What signal is your telecom customer experience sending?

In the telecom industry, experience is everything. Convenience, consistency and efficiency are critical ways to distinguish your digital customer experience to attract and retain customers for life.

Analyze more data, more easily

The first step to delivering an exceptional telecom customer experience is learning how your customers behave across your digital channels. To fully understand how users engage and why, you need to capture as much data as possible. And Glassbox does just that by automatically capturing every digital event—no manual tagging required.

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See a clearer picture of the telecom customer experience

Glassbox’s intuitive visualizations and AI-powered insights make it easy to uncover the critical friction points and opportunities in your digital journeys instantly. You'll have instant access to understand everything that happens on your digital channels—and importantly, why it's happening—so you can take action quickly.

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Prioritize what matters most

Revealing the full picture of your digital customer experience will present many opportunities for improvement and optimization, so where do you begin? Glassbox quantifies the value of each step in the digital journey, so you can focus your resources on areas of greatest benefit to the telecom customer experience and your business.

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Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

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Why telecom companies choose Glassbox

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Complete digital insights

Glassbox automatically captures every digital event and maps them across your website and mobile app. This means there are no gaps in your analytics, no issues that go unnoticed and no need to make assumptions about customer behavior.

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Personalized experiences

By tracking user activity across your digital channels, you can better understand how different customer segments behave. When integrated with marketing systems like Adobe Target, Glassbox enables you to provide personalized content and offers to convert and retain more customers.

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Behavioral analytics

Glassbox automatically indexes every interaction in every journey. At this scale, it’s easy to identify trends and patterns in user behavior. Using our best-in-class analytics and segmentation tools, you can create highly targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to engage your desired audience.

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Session replay

Watch an instant replay of any session.
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Struggle analysis

Spot digital frictions and their causes.
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Crash analytics

Track mobile app failures—and their impacts.
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Performance analytics

Monitor technical performance and how it impacts CX.
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Anomaly detection

Automatically detect unusual patterns with AI.
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Increase digital engagement with richer user insights

Automatically capturing every digital event is the best way to gain a complete understanding of what motivates and demotivates your customers.

With deeper insights into your customers’ behavior, you can make user journey improvements that maximize conversions, reduce churn and build brand loyalty.

Up-level your telecom CX with Glassbox

See how our digital experience intelligence platform reveals what motivates your customers.