Your data is nothing without context

Reveal the reasons behind digital customer behavior, and use actionable insights to optimize digital channels.

More data creates more meaningful analysis

Glassbox automatically captures and indexes 100% of digital events across your website and mobile app—averaging more than 1000 events per session. With this much data on every session, you can find the answer to any question. Evolve from knowing what's happening to understanding why.

What are users silently telling you?

While few customers leave direct feedback about their experience, each leaves a measurable footprint across your digital channels. By capturing and analyzing each of these steps, Glassbox makes it easy to see exactly what customers are doing—and why.

Let data guide your decisions

All of the website and mobile app session data captured by Glassbox is indexed and searchable, putting vast quantities of rich behavioral data at your fingertips. Use this goldmine of context to spot trends and prioritize your next best actions.

Monitor data in real time

Consult out-of-the-box reports and visualizations that help you make sense of your customer behavior data. You can also build your own data dashboards and share these easily across your organization.

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

Why data & analytics teams choose Glassbox

A single source of truth

Glassbox enables your entire organization to have one version of the digital truth. Easily share information from Glassbox to relevant colleagues to foster data-driven decision making.

Analyze what matters, faster

Glassbox puts a tremendous amount of data at your fingertips. But it also uses AI and machine learning to detect anomalies and surface insights so you can focus your efforts in the areas of highest impact.

Dive into the detail

Move from aggregated views to segments to individual sessions seamlessly to interrogate problems thoroughly and gain the evidence to support your hypotheses instantly. Advanced filters and search help you reach conclusions in no time. 

Up-level your digital analytics

See how Glassbox delivers more meaningful, actionable insights about your digital customers and channels.