Smarter customer insights. On the double.

Glassbox is a fully-loaded customer intelligence platform that captures infinite digital interactions, surfacing the insights you need to convert customers into superfans.

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The brain behind the world’s smartest digital brands

Discover what makes your customers tick—and click

Time to get serious about knowing your customers . Teams use Glassbox to:

  • Design digital experiences that consistently translate into brand loyalty and revenue
  • Dive past surface-level satisfaction scores to learn how customers really feel
  • Remedy technical issues in record time
  • Put customer-centricity into practice with actionable insights
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Unlock the intel to become your customers' favorite mobile app.

Glassbox’s expansive platform offers some of the most advanced and mature native mobile app analytics on the market. That’s why we’re ranked Easiest to Use and Highest Satisfaction on G2, according to verified customer reviews.

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Boost your organization’s customer IQ

See why digital leaders use Glassbox to analyze over 1 trillion web and mobile sessions each year—and translate deep insights into enhanced digital experiences.