Turn customer interactions into measurable feedback

Only a fraction of your customers will ever provide feedback. Voice of the Silent (VoS) uses AI to help you understand your silent majority — even when they blow off your surveys.

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Silence is golden—if you know how to listen

Most customers aren’t answering your surveys or doling out satisfaction scores. On average, Voice of the Customer (VoC) data is sourced from just 4% of users. Voice of the Silent (VoS) leverages Machine Learning to measure experiences by all of your customers’ actions—not just their words—so you can finally learn how the silent majority feels about your product.

  • Use customer-rated interactions to identify similar sessions across your entire user base

  • Measure the true scope of friction, so you can effectively prioritize what to tackle first

  • Drive business initiatives based on real customer sentiment, not surface-level CSAT and NPS scores

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Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

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Identify your true satisfaction score

Customer feedback can be limited, skewed, or outright misleading — especially when it comes from a tiny minority. Starting with user-rated interactions, VoS automatically identifies similar sessions among all your customers, so you can quantify how many had a comparable quality experience.


Find out what friction is hurting you most

Not all friction is equally damaging. VoS locates sessions where users encounter the same errors, glitches and sources of struggle as dissatisfied customers, so you can determine the true scope of impact and effectively prioritize resolution.


Finally your data

Glassbox captures 100% of customer interactions and technical events, enabling robust and accurate feedback for your organization — so you can act with confidence.

Voice of customer

Understand your customers beyond surveys & scores


Use customer feedback the right way

Don't let the vocal minority dictate your product. VOS leverages minority feedback to empower the silent majority and guide you to the most impactful strategy to serve your entire customer base.


Make your NPS and CSAT scores work harder for you

VoS dramatically expands your VoC capabilities, transforming feedback scores from high-level KPI to a powerful tool for understanding how users actually feel.

Learn from incomplete feedback

Learn from incomplete feedback

How much can you really learn from a single digit score or thumbs up emoji? VoS can capture and prioritize non textual feedback, so you don’t have to depend on your customers to detail critical issues.

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Integrated digital analytics and VoC

Link VoC data directly to sessions, struggles, impact and revenue.
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Experience-driven feedback

Trigger real-time feedback prompts based on the experience of users.
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Multiple feedback types

Prompt visitors with free text, NPS and CSAT feedback requests.
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Customizable branding

Customize the VoC interface to blend with the branding of your site or app.

Look no further

Stop guessing how your silent majority feels. Understand your customers better and faster with Glassbox.