Securely retain relevant digital records

Simplify digital record keeping for compliance, complaints handling and more with Session Vault.

Digital record keeping
Store and manage

Store and manage the records that matter

Session Vault is a secure repository to keep a record of your digital customer interactions for as long as you need. All the sessions that you deem important are automatically stored and can be instantly retrieved when you need them.

  • Capture sessions precisely as they happened, regardless of device or browser
  • All data is time-stamped, tamper-proof and indexed for easy searching
  • A full audit log is provided for added security

Resolve complaints efficiently

If a customer contacts you with a complaint or dispute, you can instantly retrieve and replay their session to see exactly what happened. Glassbox makes it quick and easy to determine whether the complaint is valid, provide proof and resolve the issue definitively.

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Retrieve regulatory data on demand

Glassbox automatically categorizes the sessions it captures and offers a search engine-like experience that significantly accelerates the retrieval process. By speeding up digital record retrieval, you can cut the cost of reviews and investigations.

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Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

Self guided tour

Digital record keeping made easy

Flexible data

Flexible data retention

Define which sessions to retain based on multiple attributes and categories, such as customer onboarding, transactions or complaints. You also can specify how long each is retained based on policies or regulations.

Fast record

Fast record retrieval

When you combine Glassbox’s ability to automatically capture and categorize all digital sessions with a robust, user-friendly search experience, retrieving relevant records becomes a task that takes minutes—not hours, days or weeks.

Secure by design

Secure by design

In addition to defining which sessions to retain, you have the flexibility to mask or omit sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) and choose who has access to it within your organization.

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Lower risk

Session Vault is built for reliability, privacy and security.
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Flexible setup

Simply define what to retain, for how long and who has access.
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Expandable storage

It’s easy to increase your Session Vault capacity whenever you need to.
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Enhanced compliance

Prove compliance with regulatory record keeping requirements.
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Faster investigations

Access records relevant to complaints or suspicious activity.

Look no further

Learn how Session Vault supports multiple digital record keeping use cases simply and efficiently.