Support digital customers better in every channel

Empower agents with a customer service analytics tool to resolve digital support requests in real time, every time.

Minimize frustration, maximize CX

Glassbox gives customer service agents the information they need to quickly understand problems, pinpoint next best actions and leave customers feeling valued and supported. By giving customer service representatives a precise understanding of events, our platform eliminates frustrating back-and-forth and empowers agents to show empathy—a human touch that helps to prevent churn and retain customers.

Speed up issue resolution

Glassbox provides your contact center staff with real insight into the issues your customers are facing. Increase first contact resolution (FCR) with fast access to AI-powered suggestions that resolve user struggles and contribute to an improved customer experience overall. 

Reduce average handle time (AHT)

Reduce the time customers spend waiting for a solution. Glassbox allows customer service agents to quickly find and watch a video-like replay of current or past sessions. User struggles are automatically flagged within the replay timeline, making it easy for agents to jump straight to the problem and provide a speedy resolution.

Share digital experience intelligence

With Glassbox, when one member of staff gains valuable customer insight, so does your entire organization. Contact center representatives can effortlessly share what they’ve learned about the customer experience with other teams using built-in tools. Session replays can be shared to ensure problems are understood and promptly resolved, preventing future customer frustrations and reducing incoming contact center calls.

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

Why customer service teams choose Glassbox

Simplify customer service

The average customer service call takes more than five minutes and several questions before the issue at hand can be addressed. Glassbox gives agents access to all the information they need without troubling the customer—reducing the average handling time to around 1.5 minutes.

Deliver great experiences

With a clear, real-time view of your customers’ digital journeys, customer service agents can quickly deliver results the first time customers get in touch. Shorter calls and speedier resolutions mean happier, more satisfied customers.

Turn insight into action

Insights gained by your customer service representatives can be shared with IT, marketing, sales and other customer service representatives, increasing whole-company awareness of CX issues and ensuring a collaborative approach to solving them.

Session replay

See exactly what customers are doing on your website or mobile app in real time

Salesforce integration

Access all sessions via our Salesforce certified real-time session replay integration

Free-text search

Searching the data automatically captured by Glassbox is as easy as using Google

Behavioral trends

Spot trends among users and act on issues before they impact your business

Individual support

Provide a personalized support experience based on specific struggles
See it in action

Look no further

See for yourself how your customer service team can deliver better, faster digital support with Glassbox.