Capture everything so you can answer anything

Our patented tagless technology automatically captures 100% of digital interactions so you can easily analyze any journey with zero manual effort.

All of the data, none of the hassle

Imagine if you could ask any question about what’s happening on your website or mobile app at any time and instantly get the answer. With Glassbox you can—and it’s easy.

Our patented tagless technology automatically captures every digital event for every session—averaging more than 1000 per session. This gives you the ability to analyze any situation, investigate any issue or test any hypothesis with zero manual tagging required. All the power, none of the pain.

Capture every interaction automatically

Unlike other digital analytics tools, Glassbox eliminates the need to tag individual page elements, events and conversion points. Every element is automatically captured, including both user behaviors and technical events. The result is the most complete picture you can get of what your users experience and why across web and mobile apps.

Eliminate tagging overhead

Simply put, our customers love that Glassbox puts time back in their day by eliminating the tedious task of tag management. Over the course of a year, this can save teams days, weeks or even months of effort, allowing them to focus on higher priority activities.

Get immediate answers to any question

Glassbox allows you to look retroactively at any session or user cohort and get instant answers, regardless of whether you’d thought to tag related events. What’s more, all session data is available in real time, so you can pinpoint issues as soon as they occur thanks to anomaly detection or triggered alerts.

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

Tagless data capture powers in-depth analysis

Powerful visualization

Glassbox automatically captures a huge amount of data, but makes it easy to digest with our Augmented Journey Map™. This visualization shows abandonment or unexpected behaviors at a glance and provides AI-driven insights so you can identify problem areas immediately.

Impact measurement

Thanks to our tagless data capture, you can immediately quantify the impact of an issue by the number of users affected or the potential revenue lost with Glassbox’s ad hoc funnel analysis—even issues you had no prior knowledge of.

Fast solutions

Glassbox’s AI-driven anomaly detection learns the normal patterns of your site or app by monitoring all of the events captured, and then alerts you to unusual changes. You can also set triggers for manual alerts based on your business dynamics.

Look no further

See how tagless data capture enables the most comprehensive digital experience intelligence.