Deliver a first-class digital customer experience

Use powerful digital analytics for travel and hospitality to build experiences that customers return to again and again.

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Make your site or app their preferred destination

Glassbox provides a complete understanding of the digital customer experience by capturing and analyzing 100% of digital events across your website or mobile app. With total clarity around your digital journeys, you can make impactful changes that build brand loyalty, customer retention and revenue.

Simplify digital journeys to optimize conversions

The excitement of going on vacation should extend to how customers find and book their next adventure. Achieving this requires simple customer journeys that help users to find the travel product that’s right for them.

Glassbox empowers travel and hospitality companies to make their customers’ experience stress-free, leaving users to focus on which part of the world they’d like to see next—not worrying about crashes, glitches or getting lost in the process.

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Increase loyalty through better CX

In the age of price comparison platforms, customer loyalty in the travel and hospitality sector is rare. Yet, knowing they can trust your company at critical stages—from booking to upgrades and cancellations—makes all the difference to consumers.

Digital travel analytics from Glassbox help you to stay competitive by automatically highlighting performance and usability issues so they can be quickly resolved. Our AI-powered insights make it easy to build stand-out user experiences that customers can rely on.

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Resolve issues faster

Glassbox monitors your website and mobile app for technical or usability issues, providing timely alerts so they can be solved before they negatively impact your organization.

Determining the underlying cause of an issue is easier than ever thanks to precise session replays that reveal how problems unfolded from the user perspective as well as on a technical level.

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Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

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Why travel & hospitality companies choose Glassbox

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More data, less effort

Glassbox automatically captures every digital event, making it easy to see how customers engage with your website and native mobile applications. AI-powered recommendations help you to understand the root cause of user behavior so you can optimize journeys to maximize conversion and revenue.

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Deeper CX insights

In addition to robust behavioral insights, Glassbox alerts you to technical issues behind user pains including latency, crashes, errors, broken links and more. Investigate by watching a precise replay of affected customer sessions, then use these insights to quickly deliver CX improvements.

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Faster resolution

Glassbox highlights the parts of your customer journey where users experience the most struggles. From there, you can see what kind of struggle customers experienced as well as any underlying technical causes. You can review struggles by app version and device to make troubleshooting specific changes simple.

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Performance analytics

Monitor technical performance and how it impacts CX.
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Session replay

Watch an instant replay of any session.
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Interaction maps

Understand engagement with any page element.
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Journey analysis

Visualize any journey—and related revenue—at a glance.
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Struggle analysis

Spot digital frictions and their causes.
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Your only stop for digital analytics for travel & hospitality

When you capture and review 100% of digital experience data, you’ll learn more about your customers than you ever imagined.

Then use that deeper understanding to build customer journeys that maximize conversions and build brand loyalty.

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