Spot the trouble behind the struggle

Glassbox checks every interaction on your website or mobile app, letting you know about friction points so you can minimize their impact.

Deliver frictionless digital journeys

When it comes to digital experience, friction is your enemy. Glassbox uncovers how customers really experience your website or mobile app. By analyzing dozens of action types, technical events and behavioral patterns, Glassbox shows you where customers struggle—and why—so you can quickly improve CX.

  • Use the built-in Struggle Score to pinpoint frictions fast.
  • Receive AI-powered alerts to unusual performance or behavior patterns.
  • Build custom experience scoring models to measure your business’ journeys.

Detect and analyze user struggles

Glassbox automatically detects more than 30 behaviors that indicate a user is struggling. From the infamous rage click to slow load times to Ajax errors, Glassbox detects these and many more to alert you when less-than-optimal experiences are causing customers to turn away.

Meet the Glassbox Struggle Score

The proprietary Glassbox Struggle Score is powered by the analysis of trillions (yes, trillions) of user sessions to precisely measure how usability issues and technical errors impact a customer’s experience. Struggle Scores make it quick and easy to identify and resolve experience issues.

See how technical errors impact experience

Glassbox automatically captures server-side technical events and correlates them with user behavior, allowing you to see how bugs and glitches affect your customers and your business.

Real-time analytics for data-driven insights

Explore the power of AI and its impact on your users and business in this playbook. Learn how AI can potentially boost profitability rates by 38% by 2035, navigate the challenges of analyzing vast amounts of data, and uncover valuable trends and patterns to understand user behavior on a deeper level. 

Unparalleled struggle and error analysis

Multi-layered analysis

Glassbox captures and classifies more than 30 struggles and embeds them into all of our analysis tools, making it easy for you to understand how struggles affect interaction with a page, a session or your entire customer journey.

Powerful dashboards

Glassbox comes with form validation, console and display error reporting dashboards with extensive filtering options for fast issue identification and resolution.

Automatic anomaly alerts

AI-powered anomaly detection learns the normal patterns and parameters for your site or app, then alerts you to any deviations. Or you can define your own triggers for real-time notifications.

Look no further

Identify struggles and errors faster to continuously optimize your digital customer experience.