Powering better digital experiences though AI

Glassbox’s embedded machine learning instantly and automatically derives insights about your digital experience. Let the power of our artificial intelligence (AI) do the analysis and bring the learning to you.

Harnessing the power of AI

When it comes to Digital Experience Intelligence, AI is tremendously beneficial in analyzing mountains of data and surfacing meaningful insights that help you quickly focus where it matters most. When digital friction or errors can cost your business thousands or even millions of dollars each day, finding and fixing these issues as quickly as possible is paramount.

And the power of AI is based on the underlying data, or corpus, and that's our super power, thanks to our tagless data capture. The unparalleled breadth and depth of data we capture on each digital session allows us to tap into the power of AI in a multitude of ways.

Struggle identification

Glassbox uses trillions of data points on user behavior to understand where users are struggling and also correlates those struggles to revenue impact. This allows you to prioritize issues that are most impactful and can save hundreds of hours in the process.

Conversion rate insights

Glassbox instantly correlates identified user struggles with any drops in conversion rate so you can easily pinpoint problem areas and their potential root causes. More targeted investigation leads to faster corrective actions and better business results.

Anomaly detection

Glassbox continuously learns the normal patterns for your website or app’s performance and user behavior, then detects and alerts you to any deviations from typical patterns. Anomaly detection facilitates rapid problem identification and experience optimization.

Voice of the silent

Extending our Voice of Customer (VoC) capabilities beyond survey feedback, VoS automatically identifies users with similar journeys who did not provide feedback so you can extrapolate feedback and its impact across 100% of users. This provides a more complete, accurate view of customer challenges than survey feedback alone, which represents only 4-7% of all users.

Page grouping

Automatically creates groups of web pages that share similar characteristics even if they have different URLs (for example, all purchase confirmation pages). This simplifies journey analysis, fast-tracks journey optimization and reduces administration time dramatically.

Autonomous CX is leveraging AI to transform customer interactions in real-time

As AI innovation advances and the potential of generative AI becomes more apparent, a new frontier in digital customer experience is emerging: autonomous CX. Discover the advantages and the path to achieving a fully autonomous digital CX. Additionally, we will discuss how Glassbox is pioneering innovations to turn this vision into reality.

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