Powering better digital experiences through AI

Glassbox uses artificial intelligence (AI) to bring you insights that are faster, more actionable and more impactful to your customers and your business, while maintaining our unrelenting data privacy and security standards. 

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Our journey to Autonomous CX

We’re putting AI to work to streamline digital insights and optimization, so teams can deliver better experiences faster and easier, regardless of technical expertise and with iron-clad data privacy and security. Here’s how:

Glassbox - Machine Learning

AI-enabled analysis

Glassbox increases your digital analytics efficiency by using machine learning to automate analysis of 100% of digital experience data in real time.

Glassbox - Generative AI

AI-driven insights

We use generative AI and natural language processing to democratize digital insights and make data accessible across your organization. No technical resources or expertise required. Just ask our AI assistant, GIA.

Glassbox - Autonomous CX

AI-generated experiences

Our ultimate vision? Glassbox is building towards fully Autonomous CX that turns insight into action without human intervention, resulting in self-optimizing digital experiences.

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Meet GIA, the Glassbox Insights Assistant

We're excited to introduce you to GIA, the new generative AI assistant who can fast-track access to digital insights for any business user thanks to her simple, conversational interface. GIA eliminates the dependency on technical or platform experts to bring a clear view of digital customer behavior to anyone.

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Harnessing the power of AI...today and tomorrow

Glassbox is driving a new level of efficiency in digital experience intelligence through AI, enabling everyone in your organization to surface meaningful insights from mountains of data. And data is what we do best thanks to our patented tagless data capture, making Glassbox uniquely positioned to deliver on the full potential of AI. 

In addition to putting machine learning and generative AI to work for you today, we're pioneering the future with our Autonomous CX vision. Keep reading to see how Glassbox's AI strategy and capabilities:

  • Deliver digital insights faster

  • Make those insights more actionable

  • Prioritize the insights and actions most impactful to your business and customers

Struggle identification

Glassbox uses trillions of data points on user behavior to understand where users are struggling and also correlates those struggles to revenue impact. This allows you to prioritize issues that are most impactful and can save hundreds of hours in the process.

Struggle id

Conversion rate insights

Glassbox instantly correlates identified user struggles with any drops in conversion rate so you can easily pinpoint problem areas and their potential root causes. More targeted investigation leads to faster corrective actions and better business results.

Conversion insights

Anomaly detection

Glassbox continuously learns the normal patterns for your website or app’s performance and user behavior, then detects and alerts you to any deviations from typical patterns. Anomaly detection facilitates rapid problem identification and experience optimization.

Anomaly detection

Voice of the silent

Extending our Voice of Customer (VoC) capabilities beyond survey feedback, VoS automatically identifies users with similar journeys who did not provide feedback so you can extrapolate feedback and its impact across 100% of users. This provides a more complete, accurate view of customer challenges than survey feedback alone, which represents only 4-7% of all users.

Voice of the silent

Page grouping

Automatically creates groups of web pages that share similar characteristics even if they have different URLs (for example, all purchase confirmation pages). This simplifies journey analysis, fast-tracks journey optimization and reduces administration time dramatically.

Page grouping
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Autonomous CX uses AI to transform customer interactions in real-time

As the possibilities of generative AI mature, Glassbox is pioneering a new paradigm in digital customer experience: Autonomous CX. Understand its potential to revolutionize the way we measure and optimize digital experiences.

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Look no further

See how artificial intelligence enables the most comprehensive digital experience intelligence.