Make voice of customer feedback instantly actionable

Glassbox's integrated voice of customer tools connect what customers say with what they actually experience so you can analyze, prioritize and act on feedback in no time.

Get the power of VoC plus so much more

Voice of customer (VoC) feedback is a powerful tool. Yet, less than 7% of customers leave feedback (Source: McKinsey), and that feedback is often vague. These limitations can make it hard to take action from standalone VoC tools.

Glassbox offers an integrated VoC capability that helps you turn sentiment into solutions in no time. By connecting VoC with digital experience intelligence, you can quickly:

  • See the experience of dissatisfied customers to identify their struggle.
  • Determine how many users are affected by issues identified in VoC feedback.
  • Base your digital roadmap on a complete understanding of an issue's scope.
  • Correlate the impact of digital CX enhancements with customer sentiment.

Understand the voice of the silent

It’s difficult to prioritize issues and opportunities when relatively few customers provide feedback. By understanding the behavior of 100% of your customers, Glassbox ensures you also learn from the voice of the silent majority. Your teams can easily quantify the scale of any issue identified through VoC feedback, allowing you to make accurate decisions.

Turn feedback into high-impact CX improvements

Glassbox helps you dive deeper into your customers’ experiences by watching a replay of the specific session that prompted feedback. Your team can review everything a user experienced before, during and after leaving feedback, enabling them to swiftly understand and resolve issues or identify new opportunities.

Get more from existing VoC tools

In addition to offering built-in VoC analysis tools, Glassbox seamlessly integrates with your current voice of customer software. The robust digital experience data provided by Glassbox will enrich your customer feedback with vital context, yielding greater insights and improved customer journeys.

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A one-stop-shop for voice of customer insights and CX optimization

Faster experience analysis

Glassbox helps teams quickly identify the root cause and scope of CX issues and complaints using session replay and other analysis tools. It also quantifies the business impact of those issues, so you can prioritize the most impactful fixes.

Intelligent targeting

Proactively target users that Glassbox knows are experiencing struggles. These sophisticated triggers encourage more feedback, improve the quality of feedback, and most importantly, show customers you care about their experience.

Customer cohort analysis

Compare the journeys of satisfied and dissatisfied customers to learn what leads satisfied users to convert. Correlate journeys with feedback to build a complete view of customer sentiment, rather than relying on survey respondents alone.

Integrated digital analytics and VoC

Link VoC data directly to sessions, struggles, impact and revenue.

Experience-driven feedback

Trigger real-time feedback prompts based on the experience of users.

Multiple feedback types

Prompt visitors with free text, NPS and CSAT feedback requests.

Customizable branding

Customize the VoC interface to blend with the branding of your site or app.

Integrate with VoC tools

Seamlessly integrates with your existing VoC tool.

Look no further

Supercharge your customer intelligence with Glassbox VoC insights.