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Voice of the customer and CX integration is an unstoppable combination

Voice of the customer plays an integral role in the customer experience equation

Voice of the customer (VoC) is a key piece of the customer experience (CX) puzzle to improve your customers’ digital journey. But VoC insights, combined with digital experience intelligence (DXI), empowers CX teams with full visibility end to end – turning problems into purchases.

Underscoring the need for holistic CX data analysis, 93% of CX leaders use survey-based metric as their primary means of measuring CX performance, but only 15% say they are completely satisfied with how their company is measuring CX. That number drops to 6% when evaluating how confident their measurement system enables strategic and tactical decision making (source).

Here are some common questions that come with VoC feedback:

  • How do I proactively use feedback to increase revenue and growth?
  • What was the cause that spurred feedback?
  • How do I know which feedback to prioritize and fix first?
  • How can I take action on an issue that’s already happened, not real time?
  • What are the other people experiencing that didn’t give any feedback?

Here’s how integrating VoC insights with a digital experience (DX) solution can help find answers to these questions across four key areas.

Improve issue resolution

Only 16% of CX leaders say that surveys provide them with granular-enough data to address the root causes of CX performance (source). Seeing the entire customer experience through session replays before, during and after feedback is a game-changer, delivering the complete picture of what happened, how often and in full context. Identifying the root cause of what went wrong means faster time to solving and correcting problems–so you can increase the quantity and quality of issue resolution.

Get feedback from voice of the silent

If 7% of users typically provide VoC feedback, what about the other 93%? Are they experiencing the same issues or different ones, or any at all? With digital experience intelligence (DXI) at work with VoC, you can surface and measure how 100% of your customers are affected. DX solutions provide a voice to those not speaking to you throughout their digital journeys with customer session replays. Insights on struggles, errors and other issues can be prioritized based on business impact, not just who is providing VoC feedback.

Find new growth opportunities

VoC feedback is often focused on areas to improve or fix, but VoC feedback unified with DXI delivers another advantage: a way to proactively identify pathways for business growth. For instance, you can compare promoter journeys with detractor journeys to reveal rich insights. Viewing the experiences of both, you can find the differences and retool the detractor journey to be more like a promoter journey. For example, if 80% of your positive feedback came from customers using a coupon on your website, you can use that data to apply the same interaction on similar digital journeys.

Experience-driven VoC

Typically, VoC data is collected at the end of a customer journey or at specific target interactions in-between. If the person has a bad experience throughout, they’ll likely finish and leave as quickly as possible without comments. But by getting feedback during the live experience, you can engage with customers when and where they need it the most–especially those experiencing a struggle. The quality and quantity of comments is also often better because it’s fresher in their mind and most relevant at that moment.

Widen the lens of your customer experience

Centralizing VoC and CX in one platform adds needed depth to the overall digital experience, and goes beyond standard integrations. Even better, it’s a cost-effective combination that brings together the best of both worlds with a wealth of CX benefits.

You can bring all these advantages to your organization with Glassbox VoC as an as add on to Optimize:

  • Prompt visitors to your site with free text, NPS and CSAT feedback requests
  • Trigger feedback by live experience as it’s happening
  • Manage all feedback campaigns from a unified dashboard, linked to relevant session replays, struggle score, business impact and revenue

All of your teams involved in CX–product designers, web developers, data analysts, marketers and more–can use these insights for their area of expertise. Whether it’s retooling the customer journey, crunching revenue and conversion data or planning future products, it’s a win-win for your organization and most importantly, the customer.

Make the most of your voice of customer insights with Glassbox

VoC is an integral part of a good digital customer experience. Providing customers with a channel for feedback not only helps surface issues that may arise during their journey, but also shows your customers that you listen and their voice matters. Learn about Glassbox VoC and how you can improve your customers’ digital journey experience by combining what they say with what they experience.

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