Experience the next generation in heatmap tools

Get everything you’d expect from a heatmap tool and much more with Glassbox’s powerful interaction maps for your website and mobile apps.

See a complete view of how customers engage

Optimizing your website or mobile app takes a granular understanding of how each page element affects user behavior. Glassbox captures and analyzes every interaction to reveal how users really engage with your site or mobile app. These in-page analytics provide insights that help you address user struggles, improve customer satisfaction and optimize the experience to increase revenue and conversions.

  • Display all interactions and relevant metrics in a single view.
  • Drill down into individual user sessions to validate your findings.
  • Compare behavior across time, audience segments and A/B test variants.

Drive revenue with optimized content and layouts

Glassbox reveals opportunities to increase revenue and grow your organization through content optimization. In-page analytics show not only how many users are engaging with page content, but also the revenue impact each element makes along the way.

Measure the impact of content placement

Identify where users struggle due to the placement of content on your page. Build funnels based on individual sessions to see how many other users are affected and the estimated revenue impact. Use AI-powered recommendations to improve layouts, elevate the customer experience and increase revenue.

Make informed investments

How customers engage with content is not only about placement—quality also plays a key role. Users will often skip or ignore content that doesn’t appeal to them. With Glassbox’s in-page analytics, you can clearly see the kinds of content your customers engage with most, allowing you to make informed decisions about what content to produce in future and how resources are allocated.

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

Understand how users engage with your content

Interaction maps

Gain more insight than heatmaps can offer. Our interaction maps present a wide variety of metrics to give you a deeper understanding of how users engage. Visualize click rate, focus time, errors, struggles and their impact on revenue for each element on a page or screen.

Zone analysis

Elements on a screen or page can be grouped into defined zones to provide another way of analyzing how users interact with specific areas of interest. Glassbox makes it simple to see how the zones you define impact the user experience as well as their impact on revenue.

Exposure tracking

Glassbox tracks how far users typically scroll down a page, revealing insights that help you to ensure content doesn’t go overlooked. You can also see what percentage of users clicked an element after viewing it to learn more about what inspires engagement from your audience.

Audience segmentation

Narrow your analysis to certain audience segments with advanced filters.

A/B test analysis

Understand how A/B test variants impact user behavior.

Side-by-side maps

Compare data across segments, tests or time periods side-by-side.

Look no further

Get more than what traditional heatmap tools can offer with Glassbox interaction maps.