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Global Retailer Boosts Online Sales by $26M by Improving the Checkout Experience

The challenge

A retailer that operates 900 stores across the world plus 30 websites in 11 different languages was aware that customers were experiencing struggles on one of its websites, but it wasn’t able to measure the exact impact these issues had on revenues. 

Items that were out of stock caused customers to abandon their carts. The retailer couldn’t measure how often this was occurring and couldn’t identify the customers who were impacted in order to take remedial actions.

The retailer needed support to identify opportunities to improve the user experience in their checkout process in order to boost online sales. 

The solution

With Glassbox, the retailer soon realized that out-of-stock items were only the tip of the iceberg.

Creating workflows to reduce churn

Knowing what out-of-stock items were in highest demand enabled the business to better manage inventory. Leveraging anomaly detection in Glassbox, the retailer was able to mitigate customer defection by creating a workflow that triggered an email to customers who had shown interest in an out-of-stock item as soon as it was available again. 

Quantifying checkout errors

The retailer also leveraged Glassbox to find and understand the impact of other checkout errors. The Cashbox report quantified the impact of these issues within minutes of when they occurred and even automatically converted and aggregated the amount in US dollars, regardless of the currency in which the transactions were made.

Through AI, the Cashbox dashboard alerted the organizations—in real-time—to a high number of transactions that were not completed. By understanding the monetary impact, the digital team could prioritize their resources and remedy the issue to prevent any further revenue loss. 

Fixing HTTP 500 errors

In addition to friction at checkout, the retailer was also able to use Glassbox to verify a new website feature that let customers complete returns and exchanges without involving customer service. Glassbox revealed that the UX wasn’t working as intended and customers were experiencing issues. 

Customers that were using a specific device and browser were getting a HTTP 500 error when clicking the “Submit Return/Exchange” button. By capturing both the user inputs and behind-the-scenes events, Glassbox was able to show a backend system failure which was easily fixed.


By addressing the issues uncovered by Glassbox, the retailer was able to provide a frictionless user experience in the website checkout. Plus, they accurately measured the revenue impact of online user experience issues in real time. By fixing issues, the digital team calculated that they were able to generate $26M that would have been lost otherwise.


Drove $26M in incremental revenue from checkout UX improvements.

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