Design digital experiences that convert…every time

Optimize campaigns and revenue with digital marketing analytics that reveal what actually drives your users to convert.

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Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox delivers access to 100% of digital session data for quick analysis of user behavior, performance, and retrospective insights.

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Boost performance of your digital channels

Glassbox captures and analyzes 100% of interactions and technical events across your digital channels, giving marketing and e-commerce teams total understanding of what inspires your customers to convert—or prevents it.

Gain deeper insights with less effort

Our digital intelligence platform eliminates guesswork by providing advanced behavioral insights that are only made possible by capturing every behavior and technical event across your website and mobile app. With more data, you gain deeper understanding of how to design high-performing digital experiences.

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Elevate your customer understanding

Our Augmented Journey Map™ automatically visualizes every digital journey. Easily review a wide variety of KPIs to learn more about your audience, including acquisition, referral, attribution, engagement, struggle score, conversion rate and many more.

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Produce truly personalized campaigns

Combine what Glassbox reveals about your audience with your existing MarTech stack to create highly relevant, personalized digital experiences. Once campaigns go live, explore their performance through customer engagement and usage trends—and react in real-time.

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Why marketing & e-commerce teams choose Glassbox

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More actionable insights

Glassbox automatically maps all digital journeys and events. Unlock a deeper level of customer truth and a complete picture of how customers really engage with your site, app, campaign or conversion path. 

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Increase conversion rates

Compare journeys and audiences to identify the behavior of high-value customers. See how UX affects engagement and conversion. Integrate with marketing systems to trigger personalized offers, content and campaigns.

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Learn what works

Discover which of your campaigns are most profitable and how their audiences engage. Measure the value of marketing activities by tracking digital journeys by acquisition source. Consult the Augmented Journey Map™ to track effectiveness throughout the entire journey.

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Smarter personalization

Trigger personalized experiences based on behavior.
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Full journey mapping

Visualize any journey—and related revenue—at a glance.
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Optimize conversions

Analyze and optimize page, flow or campaign effectiveness.

Greater customer understanding drives growth

Make data-driven decisions that lead to high-performing experiences for your customers.