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The power of a millisecond: Why speed matters

Customers expect a lot from their digital experiences, and speed is at the top of that list. You need lightning fast web performance to satisfy today’s customers. In the instant gratification era, every millisecond matters. 

To win in the internet era, you have to outpace your competitors. Literally. By a fraction of a second.

  • Walmart found that every 1s improvement in load time increased conversions by 2%.

  • COOK increased conversions by 7% by reducing page load time by 0.85s.

  • Mobify found that each 100ms improvement in their homepage load time yielded a 1.11% increase in conversion.

Optimize web performance with Digital Experience Intelligence

While most professionals focused on website performance are familiar with tools like RUM (real user monitoring) and DEM (digital experience monitoring), the most sophisticated organizations go beyond the basic performance data and use Digital Experience Intelligence platforms like Glassbox to:

  • Find the root cause of performance issues faster

  • Understand how performance issues impact revenue and prioritize projects accordingly

  • Monitor Core Web Vitals in real time – no 30-day delay

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See how Glassbox performance analytics surpasses real user monitoring tools to bring you powerful digital experience intelligence.

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