Get a complete picture of how digital friction impacts conversion

Investigate any digital issue or opportunity—and its revenue impact—in an instant with Glassbox’s ad-hoc funnel analysis.

Quantify and resolve CX issues faster

Fully understanding your digital funnels can be a time-consuming process. By automatically capturing 100% of digital events from all web and mobile app sessions, Glassbox puts the data you need at your fingertips in real time. Our user-friendly funnel analysis tools make it easy to put that data to work immediately.

  • Build funnels on-the-fly to reduce investigation time from days to minutes.
  • Understand the impact of issues to prioritize resources appropriately.
  • Proactively remove friction points from conversion funnels.

Rapidly identify the root cause

Using AI and machine learning, Glassbox automatically alerts you to emerging issues and anomalous sessions. From there, it’s easy to complete an ad-hoc funnel analysis that shows exactly what is happening and who is being affected by OS, device, location and more. You can view related session replays to see exactly what users experienced before dropping.

Prioritize by business impact

Segment a funnel to instantly measure how many users are being affected by a specific technical issue or user struggle. You can also build a conversion funnel to quantify the potential revenue impact.

With immediate access to this critical context, it’s easy to make quick, data-driven decisions around which issues to prioritize.

Set up business flows for further monitoring

Glassbox makes it simple to continue monitoring journeys of interest by defining multivariable business flows that can be tracked going forward. Use these business flows to identify additional opportunities to optimize revenue or improve the customer experience over time.

The power of form analytics: Insights, optimization and conversions

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Ad-hoc funnel analysis with Glassbox

Funnel studio

Creating funnels is drag-and-drop simple. Choose relevant steps, such as technical events or user interactions, and your funnel builds instantly—showing the full impact of conversion, abandonment and revenue impact. 

Retroactive analysis

Glassbox’s tagless data capture means no more waiting for engineering to add tags and more data to flow in. Every click, tap, zoom and swipe is captured out-of-the box, so any funnel you build comes populated with the data you need.

AI-driven insights

Quantify the effect of user struggles on conversion rates at every stage. Glassbox automatically calculates a struggle score for each session, covering a 30+ type of user struggles.

User friendly

Ad-hoc funnels without complex queries—simply drag and drop.

Integrated technical events

Includes server-side data, such as AJAX, display errors and performance data.

Advanced filtering

Automatic data capture and categorization enables advanced filtering on the fly.

Linked session replays

Quickly dive deep into problem areas with video-like session replay.

Revenue impact metrics

Use revenue impact metrics to prioritize development efforts.

Look no further

See how you can quickly quantify digital experience issues with Glassbox funnel analytics.