Build trusted, effective digital insurance experiences

Streamline the insurance customer journey from quote to customer to renewal by delivering experiences that exceed expectations.

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It pays to know your policyholders

The more you understand about your customers’ real user experience, the more you can optimize it to deliver better outcomes for them—and your business.

Increase insurance customer acquisition

Glassbox automatically captures every digital event and delivers AI-powered CX insights that help you create a streamlined onboarding experience for customers. Our advanced platform shines a light on hidden opportunities to boost conversion rates.


Create a frictionless path to renewal

Glassbox helps your teams to understand more about your insurance customers' behaviors, needs and preferences based on how they navigate your website or mobile app. Every interaction can be measured to uncover trends that will help you develop products that satisfy consumer demand.

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Combat fraud with digital insights

Reduce the impacts of fraud with AI-powered monitoring that watches constantly for suspicious or anomalous customer sessions. Glassbox keeps you informed with real-time alerts and makes it easy to investigate suspected fraud and adapt your digital experience accordingly.

Combat fraud
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Benchmark your digital analytics maturity

Quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses with our Financial Services Industry (FSI) Maturity Assessment tool.

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Why insurance providers choose Glassbox

Improve journeys

Improve every journey

By capturing and analyzing every digital experience, Glassbox helps you deliver insurance customer journeys that attract and retain customers. With full sight of where users encounter struggles and why, it’s possible to create truly delightful experiences that produce customers for life.

First class service

Provide first-class service

Glassbox empowers your customer support agents to deliver world-class support services. Complaints, claims and disputes can all be investigated fully and transparently thanks to a comprehensive record of every digital session.

Secure sensitive data

Secure sensitive data

You have complete control over who can access sensitive data within your organization. Glassbox also enables you to mask and omit sensitive data to ensure total data protection compliance at all times.

User session data

Go beyond traditional web analytics

Glassbox helps you make better decisions by equipping you with insights by automatically capturing every digital event—not just a sample. Our user-friendly data analysis and visualization tools make it easy to unlock the meaning behind your customers’ behavior.

With a clear view of how your customers behave and why, you can make user journey improvements that increase customer satisfaction, maximize conversions and build brand loyalty.

The first-choice digital experience platform for insurers

Discover how Glassbox helps insurers secure extra revenue while attracting loyal, happy customers.