See your digital experience exactly as your customers do

Real-time session replays show how customers behave and why—so you can understand and optimize your digital experiences.

Get instant replay
for your site or app

Glassbox automatically captures 100% of user interactions and technical events from your website or mobile app then delivers a video-like replay that makes understanding and optimizing digital experience as easy as pressing play.

  • Evolve from knowing what’s happening to knowing why it’s happening.
  • Avoid time-consuming configuration with tagless data capture.
  • Find the root cause of struggles and errors in no time.

Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour and experience how Glassbox's session replay function makes it easy to evolve from knowing what’s happening to knowing why it’s happening.

Make digital analytics more actionable

Traditional web or app analytics tools focus on what’s happening, but session replay shows you why customers convert or abandon.

This is the critical information you need to decide your course of action and improve the digital experience.

Measure problems and opportunities

Session replay will surface CX issues and opportunities you never knew existed.

When a new insight is revealed, you can quickly determine its overall business impact using ad hoc funnels, interaction maps and other Glassbox tools.

Optimize digital customer support

Real-time session replay empowers customer service teams to resolve customer inquiries quickly and effectively.

Agents can also share sessions with technical teams easily to address experience issues and reduce call volumes fast.

Session replay done right

Any session, on demand

Glassbox captures and classifies more than 1,000 events in an average session, reproducing them as a real-time session replay you can review immediately.

See both sides

Session replays include the technical and server-side events that influenced each journey, so you can resolve issues without the need to reproduce them.

Powerful search

Pinpoint a session by filtering by user ID, browser or Struggle Score. Or, use free text search for any value that appears in the session thanks to tagless data capture.

Struggle flags

Save time by jumping to critical points in any session.

Starred sessions

Save important sessions so you can revisit them quickly.

One-click sharing

Share any session with colleagues directly from the replay.

Easy navigation

Expand your analysis to interaction maps and ad hoc funnels from session replay.

CX integrations

Connect Glassbox session replay with CRM, VoC and more in a few easy steps.

Look no further

See every behavior, know every error in real time with Glassbox.