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Credit Card Company Visa CAL Triples Conversion Rate With Glassbox

The company

Visa CAL, the leading credit card company in Israel, was founded in 1979. Visa CAL offers credit cards for the world’s leading brands to more than 2.4 million cardholders and tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. In 2015, the company launched a new product, becoming the first Israeli firm to offer end-to-end online credit card ordering.

The challenge

To assess its customer needs and trends, Visa CAL was using a number of tools including web analytics, application logs, business intelligence (BI) systems and media tools. However, despite all of these tools, the company did not have a complete picture of the user experience on their website.

The key areas that Visa CAL wanted insights about included:

  • The customer journey within the company’s card ordering system
  • Delays experienced by customers when using the ordering system
  • Areas on the website in which customers struggled to complete a transaction
  • Customer churn and the reasons behind it

The solution

Visa CAL turned to digital experience analytics from Glassbox to get a clearer view of the customer journey when ordering and using Visa CAL credit card products.

Drilling into user behavior

Visa CAL was able to find and watch session replays during which customers ordered credit cards. Using customizable Glassbox dashboards, they were able to analyze customer behaviour, including session duration and the number of changes to fields, which the company suspected were impacting customer churn.

Understanding customer intentions with click maps

With the click maps in Glassbox, Visa CAL gained an understanding of the intentions of their customers. This information gave Visa CAL a data-driven hypothesis of what they needed to do to make the process more intuitive and customer-friendly.

Creating streamlined processes

In response, Visa CAL embarked on a new project to look closely at the results from Glassbox and fine-tune every stage of the card ordering journey to ensure it matched the needs of the customer and addressed any areas of friction.

Glassbox brought about a number of changes to the credit card ordering process, all of which are designed to make it easier and more intuitive for the customer:

  • Unnecessary fields in the order process were removed.
  • Some specific fields only appear for relevant customer segments to streamline the process.
  • Optional fields were moved to the end of the process so up-sell products and services are available once the order has been confirmed.
  • Certain fields were changed from drop-down to free-text.
  • Clearer error messages were added to help customers complete the process.
  • General changes to page structure and design were made, including column structure and fields spread over more pages, to remove clutter and improve UX.

Thanks to Glassbox, we are now able to record each and every customer action from our site. Using analytics, funnels and associated data, we are able to reach intelligent conclusions on customer behavior and have a continuous improvement action plan in place to ensure we continue to evolve and meet the needs of our customers.

Ofer Goldberg, Head of Digital Services R&D and Innovation, Visa CAL


With data provided by Glassbox, within three weeks the company was able to triple the conversion rate from 19% to 60%.

There have been a number of specific examples of Glassbox flagging issues for addressing. “There was a complaint that customers ordering cards online were being ejected at the end of the process when clicking on ‘Next’. It did not happen all the time, but it was a concern. Glassbox gave us insight into this and helped us get on the case. Since we introduced a fix, the logs don’t reveal any further issues,” Goldberg said.

19% to 60%

Conversion rate tripled in 3 weeks.

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