See your customer journeys more clearly

Eliminate CX blind spots and identify your path to greater engagement and conversion with customer journey analytics from Glassbox.

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Your hub for customer journey analysis

Does the customer journey you envisioned match how customers really experience your brand or product? Glassbox’s Augmented Journey Map™ serves as your launchpad for understanding and optimizing digital customer journeys.

  • View conversions, drop-offs, struggles and errors across your website or app.

  • AI-driven insights help you spend time on the issues that matter.

  • Built-in revenue impact metrics quantify the cost of poor experiences.

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Take a self-guided tour

Take our self-guided tour to explore the power of Glassbox's Augmented Journey Map™. Witness first-hand how AI-driven insights allow you to focus on critical issues, while built-in revenue impact metrics quantify the cost of poor experiences.

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See the full picture

Understanding what’s happening on your website or app usually requires piecing the data from numerous reports and dashboards together. Not any more: we give you a single, user-friendly snapshot of everything from acquisition to struggles to conversion rate.

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Find what causes struggles and abandonment, fast

Don’t get bogged down in endless analysis trying to find and understand digital experience issues. Glassbox surfaces insights and actions to precisely target your analysis, uncover the root cause of an issue and move to remedy it in minutes.

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Prioritize what matters most

Imagine if you could prioritize your digital roadmap based on ROI. With Glassbox, business impact metrics quantify captured or lost revenue across the journey so you can justify investments and allocate resources optimally.

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Go from insight to action

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Journey visualization

The Augmented Journey Map™ visualizes what’s happening across your entire website or app–and why. Quickly segment by audience, dimension or journey step, or navigate from an aggregate view to a relevant session replay.

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AI-driven insights

Glassbox automatically captures every digital event, offering you a treasure trove of data. We use artificial intelligence to analyze it all, flagging struggles, errors or unusual patterns so you can focus on the information that truly matters.

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Business impact metrics

See the real value of each step in your digital journey with integrated revenue metrics that can be customized to your business model. Instantly understand how much value is attributed to each journey or the cost of friction and drop-off to your business.

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Robust filtering

Filter journeys based on over 25 standard dimensions or create your own.
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Node analysis

See how journeys flow from, through or to any page or screen.
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Fully cross-channel

Understand web or mobile app journeys and those that span both.
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One-click integrations

View journeys based on audience segments, VoC feedback or A/B tests.

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