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Help your airline soar with excellent digital customer experience management

There is a well-known disconnect between digital customer experience as the consumer sees it and the way a company perceives it to be. This is particularly true in the airline industry in regards to the ease of booking tickets, providing additional information, and interacting with customers on both web and mobile platforms. For these reasons and plenty more, the improvement of digital customer experience management is now critical for all airlines.

Refining the digital customer experience for airlines means increasing accessibility and designing a more user-friendly experience. However, if the company does not have previous customer experience analytics to leverage, it can be hard to know what changes are truly necessary. They may also ignore how to implement the necessary changes. With the right analytics platform, the answer becomes available and airlines can have their customers flying high in no time.

What do airlines need to know?

Many airlines find that there is a gap between their current status quo and where they would like to be in terms of digital readiness. They also encounter difficulties with their current system that prevents them from reaching their digital readiness goals. Many airlines may lack the tools needed to create a more well-rounded approach to customer service through both web and mobile platforms.

There are three major parts to the digital services an airline provides:

  • bookings and fares,
  • post-booking transactions and information,
  • news about other relevant services before or after the transaction

Many of these journeys on airlines’ websites haven’t been streamlined and therefore processes are easily disrupted and cause negative customer experiences. Once a problem is reported to the airline, their customer service and technical teams can look into the issue, but chances are they won’t be reproducing the struggle exactly as the user experienced it.

By adding an instrument, such as website session replay, to your portfolio of tools for digital customer experience management, your service representatives can pinpoint exactly where the process has derailed, whilst speaking to the customer. It may not be the whole system that needs revamping; it may only be certain elements that are causing customers issues.

Digital customer experience management for the future

Despite some attempts to upgrade existing platforms, the airline industry has yet to identify a holistic approach to bridging the gap between the digital customer experience a business perceives that they provide versus what they really deliver.

The industry is concerned about how to implement the changes, and how soon they can be implemented. Nevertheless, a number of solutions already exist which can help to improve the airline customer experience by providing a magnifying lens into the customer journey itself. The more a company is able to understand the customer’s viewpoint, the more targeted the resolution can be.

The right tools for digital customer experience management can streamline the process by which companies review their system’s paths and executions. This allows all departments to be on the same page when making the necessary amendments, no matter if it’s about addressing how to shorten the time needed for a customer to complete a transaction or making it easier to find information. When different teams can coordinate their approach to improve digital customer experience, chances are that such improvement will happen quickly and effectively.