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Improve mobile UX with app experience analytics

Mobile-forward strategies are of increasing importance to successful businesses—but how do you know that you’ve made the right decisions for your mobile presence? Many companies are torn between providing a version of their website that is designed to be compatible with mobile devices, and the opportunity to build a bespoke mobile application. The decision to create a custom mobile application for your business can seem intimidating, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Mobile app experience analytics are designed to support the adoption of a fully functional mobile app experience rather than relying on suboptimal mobile browser versions of your website—making it easy to prioritize flexibility and mobile-friendly features. These analytics tools ensure businesses are able to implement mobile apps with confidence by making results visible.

Troubleshooting common problems within mobile apps

Mobile app analytics provide a pathway to resolving problems before the point of customer complaints, making it possible to execute a detailed factor analysis of your application’s results. Your business can take an in-depth look at the impact of individual user circumstances on their experience by tracking key indicators such as network connectivity and performance, mobile phone and operating system used, and monitoring adoption of app updates.

Integrating session replay for mobile app activity

Gain useful insights into customers’ mobile activity with app session recording, seamlessly integrated to capture every tap, swipe, and pinch of the screen for quick review. Mobile session replay makes it easy to see what went wrong in any individual user’s experience, helping your engineers fix the problems that lead to app crashes while tracking concerns over latency, navigation errors, and broken app functions. Session replay software takes the guessing out of what went wrong for clear, actionable improvements.

Providing insight into mobile customer journeys

Mobile user journey mapping allows you to better understand the behavior of your customers by creating clear visuals that illustrate the path customers take through your app. Mobile click maps provide additional support to see which elements gain the most buzz and what features receive the least attention. When creating app updates, businesses can use this information to tailor mobile apps directly to customers’ behavioral trends.

Combining powerful tools for mobile app improvement

By merging both customer journey mapping and mobile session replay into one simple software solution through Mobilebox, businesses are able to access a combination of insights that are vital for strategic growth on mobile platforms—without increasing the memory load of the app or creating lags in speed. Using comprehensive mobile app experience analytics through one tool ensures that all of your data is integrated and stored in one place, unlike previous solutions that forced users to rely on multiple software development kits for the insights they needed. Mobilebox automatically flags critical issues for you, making it easy to identify and implement needed improvements.

Boost your organization’s customer IQ

See why digital leaders use Glassbox to analyze over 1 trillion web and mobile sessions each year—and translate deep insights into enhanced digital experiences.