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Celebrating innovation and our Digital Heroes

At Glassbox DigitalWorld 2021, we recognized five digital innovators that demonstrated their superpowers to create and elevate digital experiences in a year of disruption to work, learning, shopping, and most everything else. These real-life heroes were nominated by their colleagues for accelerating digital transformation in their companies, with customers, and with partners to make digital life better—even when the odds were against success.

Saurabh Gupta, VP of Digital Analytics Product Manager, Citi

Gupta is awarded for his superpowers in partnership. His strong collaboration, and support of his teammates to deliver an exceptional experiences for Citi’s customers, as his nominator put it, “pushes the entire organization to create digital experiences worth remembering.”

Vijay Honnalagere, Senior Experience Specialist, Verizon

His nominator is in awe of Honnalegere’s superpower of “putting the customer at the center of everything he does, without exception.” As a customer champion, he developed processes that help the organization uncover and implement CX enhancement opportunities across Verizon’s website and mobile apps.

Terry Lynch, VP of Systems Engineering, Bank of America

Lynch’s superpowers of ownership and commitment were revealed in projects that led to greater customer data protection, reduced risk, and increased compliance for the bank. His nominator said he admires how Lynch “takes full ownership and commits to every solution and doesn’t wing it.”

Sally Mok, General Manager of eCommerce and Distribution, HK Express

Mok is an accomplished leader awarded for her extensive digital innovation in redesigning the airline’s mobile app through A/B testing, consumer research and struggle analysis. She’s a triple threat—her superpowers include strategic mindset, agility and communication.

Miguel Arabi, Manager of Research & Analytics, Tracfone Wireless

Under Arabi’s leadership, the Tracfone anomaly detection dashboard reduced the average issue detection time from nine days to just five hours. He was recognized for his superpowers of innovation and execution; his nominator said his work in delivering this new process “has been critical to platform customer optimization.” If you didn’t catch his Glassbox DigitalWorld session you can watch it on-demand.

Congratulations to all of our winners! A donation in their names will go to the International Red Cross global pandemic relief fund.

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