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How to develop effective customer experiences through marketing and analytics

Digital experience analytics can inform your marketing and help your business take a holistic approach to developing your strategy for outreach and growth. It’s possible to use qualitative information and quantitative data together to build a more complete understanding of what your customers need. Here are a few simple tips for using customer experience analytics to build an informed and comprehensive method for strong, strategic marketing.

Marketing and web design go hand-in-hand

Marketing doesn’t exist simply to direct customers to your website. Your marketing strategy can also inform your site UX. For example, if your marketing strategy employs customization and audience targeting, carry that into your website itself by incorporating personalized pop-up offers, unique individual discounts, or a curated homepage to grab attention and drive up engagement. Rather than have your marketing efforts end at the landing page, you can have a seamless transition from marketing message to website journey, creating the perfect marriage of customer experience and marketing.

Gain a better understanding of the customer journey by eliminating blind spots

How can you determine if website visitors are getting the correct marketing messages and finding that they’re looking for? Web analytics tools like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics provide great data on the behavior of users on your site. While these two systems capture the page elements which you’ve tagged, if something isn’t tagged, it isn’t captured. As for tracking mobile data, currently Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics have little to no capability to track activity that takes place in your app.

When you integrate Glassbox with your existing analytics solution, you get a complete 360° view of all activity on your website and app. Now every interaction is captured, without the need for tagging. You can see a detailed and complete journey map of your entire audience, which you can slice and dice according to traffic sources, campaigns, A/B test variations, audience segments and many more dimensions. You can also zoom in on individual journeys to watch an instant replay of any given session to determine the success of your marketing-influenced website customer experience.

Look for trends in customer journeys and abandonment

Sometimes a customer journey ends unexpectedly. It’s important to assess how and why a potential customer drops off of your site or app. What was it about what they were seeing in that moment that was not aligned with their expectations, or their purpose for engaging with your company?

Reviewing customer journey maps can help your team spotlight trends where customers didn’t find what they were looking for. From there you can drill into individual session replays to determine whether your marketing attracted your ideal potential customer, and adjust accordingly.

It’s also important to be mindful of website or mobile app abandonment due to technical issues such as 500 errors, broken links, and other functionality issues. Your digital customer journey mapping tool can support your IT department’s troubleshooting process in that area as well.

Seamlessly switch between the macro and micro view

With Glassbox, you have the ability to watch the session replay of any customer journey through your website and app. This can allow you to zoom in on the micro view, determining how successful a targeted remarketing email was (based on the actions the customer took after clicking on the custom link in the email), or zoom out to the macro and see the different paths customers take after starting their journey on the landing page for a specific marketing campaign.

Get the insights you need to grow and change alongside your customers

You know that your business is always growing, changing, and evolving—and so is your customer base. Increasing the amount and types of data that you can collect and analyze will empower your company to continue to stay at your growth edge, allowing you to ensure continued effectiveness and sales growth over time. Always be willing to refresh or revise a strategy once it is no longer working to help you achieve your goals, and be on the lookout for new strengths and opportunities as they emerge.

With dedication, intention, and some savvy, it’s possible to create a strong customer experience via marketing from their first impression of your brand through their final purchase!

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