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Why do people behave a certain way? How a digital analytics solution can answer this question

Imagine you’ve just built a new website or a new mobile app for your company. Up until now it’s been successful, but all of a sudden, you’re beginning to see a downward trend. Less conversions are occurring, and less transactions are going through. What nobody understands, though, is why this is happening.

For many digital companies, the lack of opportunity to look a customer in the eye costs them the ability to understand the customer’s decision. They cannot visually see why a customer made a certain choice. This is especially true when customers choose to leave the site without making a purchase. This is where customer experience analytics software comes into play. This digital analytics solution allows the company to see the customer experience even if they can’t see the customer. It provides the same insight as if the customers were entering a brick and mortar store and talking directly with the staff.

The one question this software truly deals with is “why?” This question can be asked throughout the user experience on a website or a mobile app, and it is important for the client to understand the “why” at many different points. In this article, we will look at three different points where it is especially critical to consider what is encouraging customers to make the choices that they do.

Why do I need a digital analytics solution?

Digital business is more complicated than ever these days. With multilevel websites, and visitors using multiple platforms, you need one central way to manage and access all the incoming data in a visual way. In this case, a software platform that can manage all your data, index it, replay sessions, and create the exact reports you need can be invaluable and provide immense resources for your staff.

A digital analytics solution provides a 360-degree view into the customer experience. Not only can it log entire sessions and trace customer journeys, but it can also pinpoint issues, reveal both positive and negative trends, and make it easier to understand how the user actually utilizes all the functions of the website or mobile platform.

In addition, a digital analytics solution can also create a more streamlined back-of-house operation. The collected information can be dispersed to all relevant teams, giving everyone equal power to view the necessary information. Rather than problems only being resolved by one department, now it is possible for anyone in an department to have input as to how the platform can be improved.

Why are customers choosing one path over the other?

This question starts taking you into how you can apply this software to improve experience performance. By creating conversion funnels and analyzing the digital customer journey, you can get a better picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the current design of your website. This may mean choosing to remove certain elements, redirect customers after they click on a certain link, or redesigning a page so that other links are more targeted than others.

Digital analytics solutions are not just design solutions, though. They are the beginning of thorough analysis of the customer experience on your website and mobile app, and over time, can create a wealth of data that can help your company build better strategic plans in all departments.

Why are customers completing or not completing transactions on my website?

This is the crucial question every manager needs to be asking themselves. If a majority of potential clients are not completing transactions, chances are something on the website is holding them back. Here, businesses can use session replay tools to automatically replay a visitor or customer’s experience and figure out which element caused them to stop the transaction process. They can identify if there is a technical issue involved, and if it is a general issue or one that is platform-based. These are all important elements for solving user issues faster, and when it comes down to it, that is the most critical element of this process-improving the overall customer experience.

Right now, if you’re not asking why things are or are not happening the way they should on your website, you’re missing out on a lot of information. When you use a digital analytics solution, you can gather more information on your customers and put together a more well-rounded view.

You can learn a lot from the customer experience, including why you are getting the results you want from your website or why you are not. The more you understand your customers and are able to adjust your website to their needs, the more you will be able to see the impact that a customer experience solution can have on the overall operations of your website.

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