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DigitalWorld day 1 recap: The only thing moving faster than technology is customer expectations

DigitalWorld was LIVE in Boston today for the first day of our 2 day event. The day was filled with interactive sessions, hands-on workshops, networking with peers, training and certifications.

At the beginning of the day, Terry Jones from Travelocity and Kayak fame, reminded us that customers need to be understood and that although the digital landscape is changing, the process to help customers remains the same.

During his keynote, he encouraged us all to expand collaboration within our companies while reminding us that “collaboration is skill” we should all continue to cultivate.

Great CX doesn’t come easy

Next we learned from Sally Mok and Uta Knablein that Great CX is hard! And the number one reason for that, according to Forrester, is lack of collaboration. From people and processes to tools and data, traditional business structures don’t align with our customer-centric ambitions, so we should focus on a few key things as we develop our customer experience approach in 2022:

1. Personalization in omnichannel strategies is crucial for success and that working as a team across silos is important to embrace.

2. Development of “continuous improvement” and “test and learn” strategies yields bigger results in the short term.

3. NPS and CSAT are still relevant, however, many CX leaders are looking beyond vanity metrics toward deeper measurements that quantify a customer’s performance at attempting desired tasks.

The relationship between customer experience and user experience

We started the afternoon off with Victoria Ivanova from Danone, helping us understand the relationships between customer experience and user experience in her talk about Quick, Repeatable Wins: How to Roll Out a Global UX Improvement Program. She let us know that to remain competitive, your website and/or mobile app must enable a seamless customer journey for every customer. The examples and demonstrations in this session showed us step by step how to think more tactically about customer journeys and the user experiences they ultimately produce.

Moving from RUM to RUX

Later in the day we heard from our very own Yotvat Rabin and De’Lon Dixon who explained the differences between real user monitoring (RUM) and real user experience (RUX). In their talk, they shared that real user monitoring (RUM) is a traditional way of understanding digital application performance. But it simply isn’t enough. Explore the advantages of combining the performance analytics of RUM with digital experience data and learn how one company has improved performance and accelerated issue resolution with this approach.

And what customer experience event would be complete without wise words from Gartner, who recommends that we:

  1. Provide business level context by using RUX metrics.
  2. Monitor end-user experience proactively to track the most critical transactions, customer journeys and prevent negative impact to users.
  3. Detect patterns in the data that lead to greater insights and help improve user satisfaction.

Suffice it to say that RUX is a new buzzword that is making a positive impact when it comes to bridging the gap between customer experience and user experience.

Throughout the rest of the day we were treated to some great case studies like NetApp’s Journey to frictionless digital support, where we learned that customer experience doesn’t stop at purchase. In fact, innovative companies like NetApp are using digital experience analytics to optimize their entire digital customer support experience.

In addition to all of the speakers and workshops, many of our guests had time to mingle with each other during breaks and network moments throughout the day.

Each of the networking opportunities brought together our amazing sponsors: AWS, Microsoft, AB Tasty, REO, Digital Monk and Momentive (maker of #SurveyMonkey) who shared their expertise with the crowd.

It’s the support from sponsors like these that make events like this both possible and enjoyable for everyone who takes part in them. Special thanks to all of our sponsors for making this event an amazing experience for everyone involved.

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