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Glassbox acquires SessionCam: Working together for your growing digital needs

In today’s rapidly evolving world driven by digitization, organizations across sectors need to focus on their digital channels. With so much of a customer’s relationship with a brand being managed without human intervention, having access to data about how customers are using a website and mobile app is crucial for any business to remain competitive in today’s digital-first reality.

Glassbox has long been dedicated to producing automated insights to help organizations understand what’s happening on their websites and mobile apps while providing an unprecedented level of protection. With that, I’m excited to share that today, Glassbox has completed the acquisition of SessionCam, a leading session replay and website optimization solution provider.

Glassbox and SessionCam both share a commitment to supporting companies in creating excellent digital experiences. This new phase further strengthens our ability to deliver business results at a global scale across more industries, geographies and departments, including engineering, product management, customer service, marketing, compliance and more.

For our customers, the combination of Glassbox and SessionCam means they can accelerate their ability to deliver what consumers want on digital channels. It also means we’re joining a leading CX community dedicated to supporting our combined customer-base of over 300 organizations, from small to Fortune 500. We’re thrilled to welcome the SessionCam team and their engaged customer community to the Glassbox family.

We’re excited for the opportunities this acquisition brings to us, to our customers and our partners, and we look forward to working together as we continue our mission to create frictionless digital journeys.

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