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Glassbox & Qualtrics: Scaling customer feedback with digital experience analytics

Customer feedback is a gift. Every organization wants to know how their customers feel about the company, product or service, and experience, but it can often be hard to understand the context behind a customer’s feedback. What was it exactly that caused a customer to leave negative feedback?

That’s why we’re thrilled to be a part of the Qualtrics Partner Network to embed customer feedback across every digital journey. Deployed together, you can pair the customer feedback you get through Qualtrics with digital experience analytics data in Glassbox.

See the why behind the customer feedback

While reviewing your feedback in Qualtrics about how customers are feeling about their digital experiences, you can simply click a link to watch the Glassbox session replay that led to the customer’s sentiments. You can see the why behind the feedback, and take proactive steps to improve the digital experience going forward. With Glassbox session replays, you can watch the customer’s actions as well as all the behind-the-scenes events. Any technical glitches are caught and automatically sent to IT to be fixed before they impact more customers.

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Hear the voice of the customer

Many digital leaders share the challenge of quantifying qualitative data. Is a negative survey response a one-off, or are there more customers who experienced the same problem but didn’t complete the survey?

With the Glassbox + Qualtrics integration you can feed the Glassbox Augmented Journey MapTM with customer responses. Search session recordings for elements mentioned in the survey. Then, you can find all digital journeys where the customer took the same path and understand the true impact of technical or UX issues on the customer experience.

For example, we work with a large telecommunications company who received a few responses in which customers expressed frustration over not being able to use a promo code on the website. The analytics team identified a common path that was causing frustration and then found all customers who were impacted in order to reach out to solve the customer frustration.

Measure the impact of customer feedback

Once you understand how many customers were impacted, you can quantify the impact on the bottom line. Glassbox and Qualtrics come together to help you prioritize opportunities raised by your customers by showing the impact on revenue. Understand the correlation between CSAT and conversion, retention and customer value. Track the ROI of investing in digital experience improvements both via customer feedback and session value calculations on Glassbox.

We’d love to show you how the Qualtrics + Glassbox integration can take your digital customer experiences to the next level. Contact us to speak with one of our experts or visit the Glassbox page on

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