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How Glassbox’s web analytics improve Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target

If your organization uses Adobe Suite, chances are you’re getting good perspective into what is happening on your website, but have you ever wished you could get more? By integrating Glassbox with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, you can finally see every interaction that every customer has with your website or app, with a previously unprecedented level of web analytics and mobile analytics data.

Glassbox and Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics provides a snapshot. It’s a great tool for getting an overview of what is happening on your website in terms of statistics on specific touchpoints.

Once you integrate Glassbox into your Adobe Suite, your snapshot becomes a live, streaming video which includes every step and page of your user journeys. Get real-time analytics on every action on every page of your website or app, without any time-consuming tagging and setup.

What’s more, with Glassbox’s session replay technology, you go from having a macro view of web traffic to the micro view — zooming in on any single customer, and seeing every step they took as they navigated your website or app. You don’t simply receive a report of what actions were taken, but you can watch with your own eyes to see mouse movement, scrolling, zooming in, swipes, and other actions — even rage clicks. This can be especially useful when trying to identify errors or other problems on your site, as you can see exactly what the customer experienced, in order to pinpoint specific problems and analyze the root cause of any issues.

Glassbox upgrades your existing analytics by providing you with more data, in a clear and easy to understand format.

Glassbox and Adobe Target

Take your A/B testing web analytics to the next level by integrating Glassbox Augmented Journey Map™ and Session Replay into your Adobe Target. Now, you’ll not only be able to see which option is testing better with customers, but you’ll be able to see exactly how they’re interacting with each element of the page.

What’s more, by giving you a complete record of every customer interaction on your website or app, Glassbox can help you identify new test candidates. Glassbox slices and dices the data, serving it up in whatever format you need to determine what you should be testing next to provide the best customer experience on your website or app, and get more conversions.

Web analytics and mobile insights about everything you need to know

Glassbox can integrate with your Adobe Suite to provide you insights about your customers’ interactions with your online assets. Whether your customer is engaging with your website on their computer or mobile device, using a native app, or a hybrid app, Glassbox is able to collect and capture all of the customer session data on both the client-side and server-side. From here, the machine learning driven anomaly detection engine alerts you of conversion drops and page abandonments, and delivers automated insights to help you recognize and understand the cause of those issues in real time. You’ll get a total picture of the customer experience, all provided in an easy-to-understand format.

Easy to set up

As mentioned before, perhaps the biggest benefit Adobe Analytics customers get by integrating with Glassbox is that they can now get more out of the tagging they’ve done with Adobe. Using Glassbox, business users can take web analytics to the next level and get a complete view of the digital customer journey on their website or app regardless of whether or not a page or element was tagged. Plus, when pages are added or changes made, there’s no need to update tags when Glassbox is integrated.

With Glassbox’s capability of automatically capturing and analyzing 100% of data out of the box, you get more from web analytics. Marketers and product owners can now answer not only what happened during their user’s journey, buy why. Plus, it’s so easy to integrate Glassbox with Adobe Suite that you might not even need IT’s involvement.

Get more from the tools you already use

Ultimately, this integration is about enhancing the capabilities of your existing Adobe solutions. You can continue to enjoy the functionality you already rely on, but with more data and analytics available than ever before. It’s time to get the total picture of your customer’s experience on your platform, mobile or web. Whether you’re tracking their digital journey from first click to final purchase, or performing A/B testing on a new campaign, you’ll see every choice every visitor makes.