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Learn more about every digital journey with Augmented Journey Map™

Chances are that like most businesses today, you use a web analytics platform like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics in order to improve customer experience and increase your conversion rate. These tools are excellent, but from time to time you may find yourself thinking “I wish it could tell me…”

What if you could get more from your Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics? What if there was a solution that could integrate with your existing solution and give you a complete view of every digital journey across your website or app, and tell you not only what was happening, but why? Glassbox Augmented Journey Map™ (AJM) does all that and more.

Capture 100% of everything

You’ve likely gone through the work of tagging with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. AJM can take that effort to the next level by recording all digital journeys on your website and app right out of the box.

That’s 100% of everything. All journeys on your website, all journeys on your app, all client-side interactions, and all server-side interactions.

Since the Glassbox platform is taggless, the integration with web analytics tools is turn-key. If you add to or change your website or mobile, it is immediately incorporated into your digital journeys with no configuration needed.

Understanding the struggle

Whether you’re looking to reduce ecommerce bounce rate or get more newsletter signups, traditional analytics tools can only give you so much information on why users are abandoning your site without making a conversion. Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics can provide information on the origin of a digital journey and its end point. With AJM added on top, you can see every action taken on the journey across your site or app, and even get a “struggle score” to help you assess how much difficulty a user had before giving up. Glassbox’s Augmented Journey Map™ even tracks things like rage clicks to help you understand just how frustrated customers get when they encounter errors.

Because AJM captures and visualizes every single visitor to your site, you get a complete picture of when and where visitors leave the site, which can help you learn where you need to make changes to improve conversion rate.

What is the benefit of seeing every digital journey?

Website behavior analysis isn’t just for IT and DevOps. This data holds value for marketing, advertising, product owners, and customer support. Anyone who needs to have a better understanding of how customers are interacting with your website or app can easily gain the information they need, and Glassbox Augmented Journey Map™ will display it for them in an attractive, easy-to-understand format. AJM allows you to zoom in from the macro to micro view at any point, giving you the option to focus on trends or a single specific journey.

We’ve only scratched the surface of how AJM can enhance your existing web analytics platform. Visit the Glassbox Augmented Journey Map™ page to learn more and schedule a demo today.