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A message from Glassbox CTO and co-founder Yaron Gueta – Part 2

Now that we understand that Glassbox does NOT record your phone, but the applications we are running in, we understand that our clients do not share information with 3rd parties. Furthermore, access is ALWAYS restricted within our clients’ organizations to specific users with the right permissions. So what’s new? We’ve learned that saying we’re committed to user privacy and security is not enough: we need to work with our clients to include the right end-user consent, this is a very important addition.

Now, I would like to take a step back and look at how customer experience experts are working in general. By doing so, I hope I’ll make it obvious that the real question shouldn’t be “to record or not to record,” but rather “how to secure the recorded data”. Once this is clear I would also like to explain why Glassbox is based on the highest security standards which make us de-facto the first choice for tier one financial institutions globally for years.

Let me start by shedding some light on the customer experience domain. I can understand that people who read the TechCrunch blog about their phone being recorded, got scared. I hope I managed to explain in the first part of this blog that it is not the phone that is being recorded, but only the application itself.

This is no different to what has been happening on the web for many years now: when you access most websites today, even using your mobile device, you will have the same level of recording – every tap, swipe, element change, everything. This is no big secret. It is the reality in which we live in today. I’m sure you heard about Full Story, Quantum Metric, Hotjar and many others. There’s dozens of vendors in this field. The only difference between the mobile native recording and the mobile web traffic recording is that Glassbox and Appsee were able to do it much better than their competitors, and managed to bring the level of the native-app replay to the level of web-based replay.

Make no mistake: when browsing leading websites today, you are more likely to be recorded than not. Web replay is a standard and most brands use it. The difference with native app session replay is that it requires much more advanced technology and to date, only a couple of players in the market have managed to crack it. As market leaders, these are the same vendors who have been mentioned by TechCrunch. But rest assured that all our competitors are working very hard to get there too.

Real-time session recording is crucial for the next generation of analytics and for any transactional-based digital channel. I can’t even start describing how much our digital experiences – as consumers- have evolved in recent years thanks to such technologies. UX improvements, crash-free experiences, IT visibility into production environments are only a few examples of what behavioral analytics and session replay technologies enable.

This is not going to change any time soon. Session replay will stay with us for years to come. The question is all about how do we protect the data and secure systems so that data never leaks and isn’t shared with anyone that is not supposed to see it. This is Glassbox’s main agenda and this should be your main concern too.

I can write about security all day long as I’ve been working with Tier 1 enterprises for more than 20 years now. I’m familiar with their needs, know their internal processes and my #1 job as the CTO of Glassbox is to make sure we comply with it.

I would really like to write about all the security features we have in place but I feel that it would exhaust my readers. So let me mention only one of them which will help explain the level of security we have:

Glassbox is the only solution today in the CEM market that will serve clients as a single tenant. We do not agree to mix traffic from several clients into a single repository or even a shared processing system. Each one of our customers today is either installed on-premise OR has its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that is protected with different security levels. We are the digital analytics and session replay vendor with the highest security and privacy standards in the market.

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