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Mystery solved! The digital customer journey revealed with the help of journey analytics software

Priorities have shifted in the environment of the digital customer. With most business done online and without contact with another human being, the digital customer experience is more important than ever before, even more than customer service. In fact, when Econsultancy did a survey for Digital Marketing Trends in July 2015, they found that the biggest opportunities for businesses in 2016 would be in customer experience, beating out content marketing and even social media!

In addition, a Walker Information study found that by 2020, customer experience will be a bigger brand differentiator than price and product. With the right user journey analytics software, your company can stand out in the digital marketplace.

Those are some impressive and crucial statistics, but they should also serve as a wake-up call. If you haven’t optimized your customer experience, what are you waiting for? Are you asking the right user journey questions? If there is still a lot you don’t know about how customers are experiencing your website, or if you are currently seeing less than optimal conversion rates it’s time to take a closer look and put your customers’ digital journey under a magnifying glass.

Seeing the digital customer journey

Here at Glassbox, we understand the importance of that magnifying glass. Our customer experience analytics software offers a number of tools to not only see what the user is seeing in real-time, but to record and store all client experiences on your website or mobile app. These session replay tools offer you the opportunity to look back at trends, track problems, and figure out exactly where the issues lie on your website or mobile app.

CAL-Israeli Credit Card Company was in need of just that. Despite using other business intelligence systems, nothing provided the complete 360-degree view that was needed to understand customer issues. Nor were they able to make the credit card registration process smoother for potential clients. When they started working with Glassbox and their journey analytics software, they were automatically able to build conversion funnels and follow the customer’s journey throughout the website.

Glassbox works across all channels, so the software can differentiate between the digital customer journey on a mobile device, desktop, laptop, or even the type of operating system being used.

Taking it to the next level: How CAL-Israeli Card Company put Glassbox to use

This is just the first step of improving the digital customer journeys. The technical fixes are in some ways the easiest fixes of all because there is a root cause and a solution, but what about enhancing the customer experience? This is the point where you have to ask the following user journey questions:

  • What’s stopping users from continuing their journey on my site?
  • What is attractive to my clientele and what needs to be removed?
  • What is my end goal for my users, and what is the quickest and easiest way to get them there?

This is where website session replay comes into play. These tools record every motion made on the website, whether it’s a click, scroll, conversion, or cancellation; Glassbox can begin to help you solve the “why” part of this equation. To see where people stopped in the process is key and user journey analytics software can help fill in the blanks. Maybe there is a design flaw, or a link that doesn’t work on a certain platform.

All of the data collected by Glassbox’s software is stored and shared equally across your company, meaning different teams can work together to resolve problems more quickly and reduce calls for customer support. CAL-Israeli Credit Card Company also had an issue where customers were being kicked out of the ordering process right as they clicked ‘Next’. This was an action that was frustrating and needed an immediate fix, which was able to be implemented right away. They have never had that specific issue develop again.

Remember the analysis may be technical, but every action is human. Frustration can make people change their course of action very quickly. Given the speed of the Internet, it is not hard to see the impact this emotion would have on someone’s online behavior. The digital customer journey is directly connected to the customer experience: if the journey does not take the customer where they need to go, the less likely they are to complete the conversion.

Make it a priority

Now that you’ve got the right journey analytics software, and you know what user journey questions need to be asked, don’t let these tools sit idly, waiting for something to happen. CAL-Israeli Credit Card Company was able to streamline their customer’s path, remove unnecessary fields, solve small errors that would hold up the process, and create a better, clearer structure. Most of these changes were made within just three weeks of beginning to use Glassbox’s software.

All divisions of your company can start working together to find ways to make your site better and more accessible for your users. Glassbox’s software not only connects your company with the user experience, but with a better technical understanding as well. Why wait to take the necessary steps when you can make the progress you need right now?