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VoC & digital experience: Harness the power of customer feedback

Soliciting customer feedback is a cornerstone of any customer experience (CX) program, and it’s no different when it comes to digital channels. As survey responses drop overall, CX pros are trying to find ways to scale their customer sentiment discovery efforts and receive the high-value qualitative CX data they crave.

Gone are the days when companies could rely solely on VoC analysis to measure their customer experience. While surveys uncover important data, when combined with real-time digital experience analytics, they open a wider lens to the customer experience that’s a game-changer.

The heart of survey limitations was revealed in recent research from McKinsey: over 90% were using a survey-based metric to measure direct customer experience, but only 15% were satisfied with how their company assessed CX overall. McKinsey identified four main reasons why VoC surveys fall short:

  1. Limited – Low response rates (typically only 7% of customers) don’t provide a representative view.
  2. Ambiguous – Survey responses often don’t give a root cause of customer sentiment.
  3. Reactive – The data gathered with surveys is backward looking and not real time.
  4. Unfocused – They lack a clear link to revenue impact and ROI.

That being said, most CX pros will tell you that nothing beats customer feedback. Studies show that companies that are effectively leveraging VoC data outperform their competitors financially and enjoy higher rates of employee engagement.

At our virtual conference, Glassbox DigitalWorld, last month, we hosted a panel with VoC experts from Wells Fargo, UnipolSai and Qualtrics. During the discussion we learned three ways to get more out of your customer feedback program with digital experience analytics.

Hear the voice of the silent majority

Survey value is immediately boosted when connecting VoC data with next-generation digital experience analytics. This powerful pair helps to reinforce customer sentiment at scale, by helping you pinpoint the root cause of frustration and understand how many other sessions have been impacted. When you understand the extent of issues, you can prioritize fixes and measure the impact of improvements on the bottom line.

Give context to VoC customer feedback

By integrating your VoC solutions with a digital experience analytics platform, you can see your survey responses in context through session replay. By leveraging session replay that captures both user behavior and behind-the-scenes events, you can see what customers actually did and experienced on your site and mobile app. See the exact session that corresponds to a specific survey response and uncovers actionable insights to improve your digital channels.

Feedback at each moment of the journey

You can use these insights in a myriad of ways—for product design, marketers, web developers, IT, data analysts, and other teams to focus on areas within their expertise—whether it’s retooling the customer journey, understanding conversion and customer value, enhancing and planning future products, or changing product messaging.

Traditional surveys alone no longer serve forward-thinking enterprises that want to stand out from competitors and win over customers with a great digital experience. Today’s modern, digital strategy demands a comprehensive and integrated approach to align a company’s business goals with its customers’ needs.