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What to expect in the future of digital marketing

As we kick off the start of a new decade, it’s important to understand how the digital landscape is evolving and changing over time in order to keep your business and advertising practices current. Let’s take a long look into our crystal ball and review some current trends that are shaping the future of digital marketing.

Spreading the word with micro influencers

You may know what an influencer is – but have you heard of a micro influencer? Influencers are online personalities with a large following – anywhere from 50,000 followers to a viewer reach in the millions – who collaborate with brands to create paid partnership content on social media. The use of influencers in marketing strategy has relied on the personal connection that these users build with their fans, but what happens when you get even more personal?

Meet the micro influencer. These are people with a smaller reach that can also post sponsored content on behalf of a business—but because they aren’t known for being “celebrities” or Internet famous, their endorsement appears more organic and carries more clout. And while Instagram is the platform best known for attracting influencers, all online content is fair game! If you’re stumped, try taking a look at who is following you on LinkedIn—you may have someone in your audience who is a professional in the audience you’re trying to reach, and an endorsement on their page could give yours a big boost.

Keeping a better eye on customer activity

“Knowledge is power” has become a cliche for a reason. Understanding your client base, their needs, wants, and actions is critical to improving marketing strategies—and technology is rapidly providing more ways than ever to get an insider’s view of those customers. Tools like session replay software are quickly becoming the future of digital marketing because of the unique insights they can offer into consumer behavior. For example, session replay takes you behind the scenes of each customer’s experience by recording all user sessions on a brand’s site and/or mobile app—allowing your team to spot potential issues, broken links, and pinpoint exactly where and when sales conversions fail.

Glassbox’s proprietary Augmented Journey Map™ can break down the data even more concisely to spotlight patterns of behavior over time. By identifying those concerns directly, it’s possible to provide a better user experience and accurately assess which aspects of your digital marketing within your site or app are performing well, taking the guesswork out of marketing strategy.

Finding the Hottest New Platforms

Brand accounts on Twitter may have sparked many a meme in the past, but staying current means keeping up with the latest social media launch. Is TikTok the new future of digital marketing? The viral platform found quick popularity after its relaunch in 2017, and is famous for short, lip-synched videos created by users. Media savvy brands are quickly catching onto the trend and seeking ways to capitalize on the platform’s reach and younger fan base. While TikTok may be the latest craze, another new platform could quickly overtake it to become the new future of digital marketing on social media.