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You shouldn’t have to wait for analytics of the customer experience

Every customer journey tells a story, you simply need the right technology to examine that story and analyse exactly what it is telling you. Staring at the jumble of information that pours onto your server or Cloud in the form of a big data dump is not going to give you a complete picture unless every journey is analysed individually and then as a whole. But where are all of these journeys coming from? A journey might start on an app, a website, or a mobile site, and a single customer’s journey might travel across all three of these platforms before reaching its conclusion. The experience on each platform should be comparable but this may not always be the case. That means that a journey on a website that is running without any bugs will be smooth but when a bug occurs on the app the journey may be disrupted. Most customers do not want to flip between platforms when making a purchase if one does not work the first time. When you have automatic access to the analytics of a customer experience as the customer is experiencing it, you can see where the bumps are in the road and how to make the journey smoother.

Not all tools are the same

A digital customer journey mapping tool should be utilized by every business that sells its products or services in the online marketplace. These tools are designed to look at customer journeys from beginning to end, but not all tools are made the same. We all know that the quality of analysis can vary if a tool is not designed to analyse something in its entirety but rather in components. That’s why some technologies which are designed to examine customer journeys to fix the platform experience are more effective than others. Most will analyse the digital journey at certain points such as when they first click on to a product, then when they examine product information and finally when they purchase it. The technology that analyses every click, pause, and the time spent on each page tells a far more complete picture though.

As a seller you want to know how your online store platforms are measuring up when compared to your competitors. This means that every component has to be examined, and the IT team needs to be able to immediately see where any disruptions are occurring. Let’s take a look at a digital customer journey example and how an analysis tool showed the complete picture rather than a disjointed one.

A major airline, a small error, a big problem

Airline websites and apps are the primary ways in which consumers now purchase plane tickets. Gone are the days of using a travel agent. Most of the time a customer will want to go with the most cost-effective fare, and if they are having trouble purchasing and there is a comparable fare with an airline whose website is easy to use they may just click over there. Over a matter of months, one major airline experienced a small error that slowed down the purchases by misdirecting the customer, which was causing users to abandon their purchase. By looking at the analytics of the customer experience, the airline was able to see where the problem was occurring, leading to a quick solution.

If a platform only looks at a journey at certain points, then problems at other stages of the journey can be more difficult to track down and fix. Always choose the technology that allows for real-time session replay and the ability to view customer journeys in their entirety.