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Chemist Warehouse Increases Conversion Rates by 9%

The company

Chemist Warehouse is one of Australia's largest retailers with over 400 locations. Their focus is on affordable pricing and convenient shopping in the pharmacy and beauty industry. As an omnichannel retailer, they’re able to leverage a click and collect method which allows their customers to conveniently shop online and collect their orders in person.

The challenge

With the growth of online sales, Chemist Warehouse did not want to compromise on the excellent service their customers were used to in physical stores. Their current digital analytics gave them conversion percentages and traffic patterns, but they were unable to understand their customers' actual experiences. Were they able to find what they were looking for? Was it a smooth process or were there frustrating moments? Why were customers struggling and abandoning?

The solution

They decided to implement Glassbox Digital Experience Intelligence platform to visualise their customers' digital journeys, analyse their behavior and better understand their experience. Within the first day they found over 20 areas to optimize the digital customer experience.  

They’ve now been using Glassbox for over a year. Nick, head of e-commerce at Chemist Warehouse, highlights three main accomplishments Glassbox has enabled his team to achieve: building better experiences, resolving issues faster and cutting down the involvement of IT. 

Building better journeys 

Chemist Warehouse uses Glassbox to start with a high-level view of their customer’s journey. They can see where people are falling out and then investigate why. Often Glassbox AI can point out correlating struggles. For example, when items were not available customers were not sure how to proceed. They spent longer on that step of the journey and clicked on areas of the screen that were not designed for that. By adding instructions on how to save an order for later pickup they were able to reduce drop-off. 

Resolving issues faster 

Chemist Warehouse is using Glassbox reporting to hone in on issues impacting conversion rates. For example, a popular product had a decline in online sales. Glassbox reports identified a struggle correlated with abandonment. Drilling down to replays showed a popup preventing users from interacting with the product listing. A simple issue to solve but one which could go unnoticed for quite some time. 

Reducing involvement of IT 

By reducing the role of IT in analytics, Chemist Warehouse is realizing significant cost savings. One hundred percent tagless capture of events eliminates the need for developers to tag specific events, and when a technical issue does occur session replay error reporting ensures IT doesn’t need to waste time trying to recreate errors. Glassbox enables them to quantify how many users are impacted by an issue and what the bottom line effect on revenue is so any issue that is escalated to IT can be properly prioritised. 

The Outcome

In just one year, Chemist Warehouse has proactively prioritized improvement to their digital customer experience and as a result has seen more meaningful site visitation, with a 6% lower bounce rate. This has assisted in increased conversion results, with a 9% increase in conversion rate and 5% increase in basket size. At the same time, they’ve achieved a 30% reduction in time investigating problems, freeing up their time for more strategic goals. Moving forward they are beginning to integrate Glassbox insights more in new feature rollouts, monitoring the impact on customer behavior.

Glassbox insights are a part of our everyday conversations whether dealing with conversion issues and customer complaints or on a strategic level evaluating business cases and prioritizing efforts. Seeing the customer's perspective has enabled us to make more effective business decisions and deliver better personalized experiences.

Nick, Head of E-commerce


9% increase in conversion rate

5% increase in basket size


reduction in time investigating problems

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