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Wholesale Retail Club Improves Mobile App Login

The challenge

Calls to the contact center were spiking with many inquiries relating to the login process. The underlying issue was unclear. In the meantime, the company's most valued customers, its mobile app users, were struggling to do the most critical part of the purchase journey, logging in. This was not only driving an increase in support requests but a decrease in overall conversions.

The solution

The CX Analytics team leveraged Glassbox 100% tagless capturing for native mobile apps and retroactive analytics tools to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue. They identified the experience driving the support requests, made a recommendation to the UX team and then monitored the impact of the intervention.

Identifying the UX issue

The CX Analytics team began by segmenting customer sessions that contacted support from the app login page. Though the event was not predefined, Glassbox’s tagless capturing capability ensured it was indexed and queryable so the CX team could measure how often it was occurring and where.

Using an ad-hoc funnel report, they determined that prior to their support request, 75% of users had experienced an error when attempting to login. Drilling down in the session replay showed users with invalid login attempts were clicking on a pop-up directing them to contact support. In contrast, the self-service option to recover their password was difficult to see.

Recommending intervention

The CX team shared their analysis and the relevant session recordings with the mobile UX team. They recommended  shifting the placements and size of the text so the main call to action would be the automated password reset process instead of the support route. This would enable users to resolve the issue faster themselves and reduce contact center calls.

Monitoring improvement

Once the UX team implemented the recommendations, they were able to measure the “before” and “after” of key metrics like percentage of users successfully logging in, support requests and user engagement with the forgot password link. Going forward, the automated monitoring they set up would indicate any anomalous trends giving them the ability to react proactively to emerging issues.


By swiftly understanding the issue, the CX Analytics team was able to collaborate with the mobile app UX team making a small yet impactful improvement to the login experience. Users were empowered to self-serve improving their experience, reducing deflections to the call center by 50% and saving $1M at risk mobile app revenue.

The overall experience was faster ensuring users would return to the app driving satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.

Glassbox enables us to visualize and analyze our native mobile app customer journeys in real time. We are able to monitor customer struggle points and communicate with development teams to fix the issues.

Senior Analytics Manager


Improved customer experience.

Reduced deflection to contact center by 90% for login issues.

Saved $1M at-risk revenue.


Reduced deflection to contact center by 90% for login issues.

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