Adobe experience cloud integration

Get more from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target with Glassbox. Real-time session replays, Augmented Journey Map™, anomaly detection, and machine learning-driven insights to revolutionize your digital customer experience.

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Reveal the customer behavior behind the numbers

Our deep integration with Adobe Experience Cloud empowers you
to do more, with customer journey visualizations on your website
and mobile app.

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Get more value from your data

Optimize your Adobe campaigns, segments, audiences, and A/B tests with the “why” behind the behavior.

Glassbox and Adobe Analytics

Expand your web analytics. Improve the customer journey.

Enrich your understanding of the digital user experience in real time and reveal the intent behind behavior with Augmented Journey Map™, session replay, and automated insights with Glassbox with Adobe Analytics.

Reveal the why

Augment the what, where, and when shown by Adobe Analytics with the “why” behind user behavior so you can take action to improve digital CX.

Discover new customer segments

Enrich Adobe Analytics with struggle scores, error reports, and abandonment rates. Discover new and actionable customer segments. Visually explore customer journeys resulting from your campaigns.

Turn stats into decisions

Build funnels in a few clicks from session replays or an Augmented Journey Map™. Compare segments, impressions, campaigns or any other tags pulled in from Adobe Analytics.

Drill down with session replays

Gain a deeper understanding of individual users with a session replay of every visit. See exactly how single users interact with your website and mobile app, search for trends, and act on your discoveries.

Glassbox and Adobe Target

Get more from A/B and multivariate tests. Optimize your digital experience.

Take your marketing messages, personalization efforts, and digital experiences to the next level with Glassbox and Adobe Target.

Fine tune your testing

Make testing cycles more effective and efficient. Monitor A/B and multivariate tests. Conduct ongoing experiments and see what your users are experiencing. All while the test is still running. Drill down into test results with no need to tag, code, define events or know in advance what to look for.

Make changes on the fly

Compare the funnels of your tests, and drill down to specific session replays. Find new audiences, elements, content versions, and personalization methods to test. Don’t wait for the final results. Adjust your test goals and KPIs without configuration, and get actionable results.

Verify your set-up

View session replays of your test elements to ensure they appear as intended—without losing precious time. Validate your traffic sources and ensure your testing environment functions properly. Certify tests and check their conditions.

Get more from your results

Drill down into session replays to understand why version A is better than version B. Understand users’ intent and engagement with in-page analysis. Optimize click-through-rates (CTR), and understand the monetary impact of tested experiences. Scale personalization with machine learning-powered insights.

Visualize your tests

Compare tests using Augmented Journey Map™. See a map of each customer journey you’re testing. Optimize your content and UX by comparing maps. Get automated insights into problem areas and identify in-page elements that cause struggle.

Don’t compromise on compliance

Don’t let A/B and multivariate tests put you at risk. Quickly recognize when certain test segments are missing critical messages or steps, such as disclaimers or terms and conditions. Get alerted when customer segments are seeing offers they shouldn’t and act fast to avoid compliance missteps.

See how Glassbox can help you elevate every digital journey