Salesforce certified integration

Search and view website and mobile app session recordings right from within Salesforce in real time.

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Customer truth—all in one place

Give your customer service and sales agents a full view of the digital customer journey—in real time.

Glassbox’s certified integration with Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud equips your customer service and sales teams with the information they need to understand your customers’ issues and meet their expectations.

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Turnkey installation

With the Glassbox app installed in Salesforce, data is accessible right from the get-go.

Glassbox and Salesforce Service Cloud

Empower customer service reps. Improve contact center performance.

Over 20% of calls to contact centers relate to issues on websites or mobile apps. Yet 42% of customer service agents are unable to resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems and multiple applications.

Call center agents are often blind to why transactions on web or mobile fail, because they can’t see the technical struggles customers are facing.

Empower your contact center agents by giving them session replays from Glassbox inside Salesforce. Agents can see exactly what customers are doing in real time. Or they can find historical sessions and even manage complaints and disputes.

Call center agents can easily share sessions with IT, marketing and product managers to address website and mobile app issues and improve customer experience.

Increase first call resolution (FCR)

Empower your call center agents with session replay. Make it easy for them to solve customer issues on the first call.


Reduce average handling time (AHT)

Find sessions quickly with free-text search. See online activity in real time. Resolve problems much faster so you’re free to help the next customer.


Improve customer satisfaction

Achieve shorter calls and faster resolutions without customers having to explain their struggle multiple times.

Glassbox and
Salesforce Sales Cloud

Inform sales reps. Increase sales conversions.

Without the right data, it’s difficult for sales reps to develop relationships with buyers and prospects. They’ll struggle to find leads who are ready to purchase and miss opportunities to personalize introductions.

With session replays of web and mobile app activities embedded in Salesforce, you can increase sales performance with insights gleaned from digital customer behavior.

Recognize sales opportunities

Notify your sales teams of digital journeys that indicate buying behaviors—in real time—so they can reach out to complete the conversion.

Complete your customer records

Understand more about your prospects and customers by tying session replays to lead, account, opportunity, and case records in Salesforce.

Reduce your administrative burden

Reduce time spent detailing customer activity or struggles by indexing video-like session replay. No need to manually input notes—customer records are always up to date.

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