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BetVictor has Chosen Glassbox to Implement Big Data Record-and-Replay Solution

LONDON – Following a successful proof of concept, BetVictor Limited (T/A “BetVictor”) has rolled out Glassbox software in their online betting and gaming operations. Glassbox is a unique big data and analytics solution that enables full understanding of exactly how customers interact with BetVictor’s website whether from desktops or mobile devices and allows BetVictor to record, replay and analyse customers’ behaviour. The solution by Glassbox will assist in maximising customer satisfaction and improve online record keeping. BetVictor needed a powerful Enterprise-grade solution that complies with its highest security requirements without compromising low total cost of ownership, time-to-market, or usability and without impacting performance.

“It was a very successful implementation and we had great support from Glassbox,” said Kay Fenemore, Head of Customer Service at BetVictor. “Because Glassbox doesn’t require tags, it needed minimal effort from BetVictor and now we generate reports and funnels without the need for specialist support or having to make changes to our website, so we can focus on our customers,” Fenemore added.

BetVictor had specific requirements when choosing the solution that was the best fit to record-and-replay customers’ web experience.

These included:

  • The ability to record and replay every session on one system, regardless of whether the customer accessed the website from desktop, tablet, mobile device or native app;
  • To be able to see exactly what is shown to the customer at the time of placing a bet and what the customer does so that any disputes or complaints can be quickly resolved by proving exactly what happened;
  • To use the data/system to enhance the customer experience so that if a customer struggles with placing a bet, BetVictor can see what the problem is, what is causing it – and fix it;
  • The data recorded is digitally signed so no one can change the records – tamperproof;
  • The system is robust to support 24/7 operations; and
  • The data is compressed (20:1) so can be stored cost effectively for as long as necessary.

Glassbox will significantly reduce Contact Centre and IT website support related costs. But more importantly will enable BetVictor to give their customers an even better service.

“BetVictor needed a solution that would give them tamper-proof information showing exactly what the customer did and was shown. They chose Glassbox because of its accurate and powerful technology, its agility and its longer-term vision. We can already see many more use cases where Glassbox will realise significant operational benefits to BetVictor as well as enhancing their customers’ experience,” said Yaron Morgenstern, CEO, Glassbox. “We are proud to have been selected by BetVictor and to contribute to its ability to deliver an excellent digital customer experience.”

About BetVictor

BetVictor is an independent online bookmaker and casino. The company is registered in and operates from Gibraltar. The company turnover is in excess of GB £1billion and has over half a million customers in more than 160 different countries. For further information please visit:

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