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DiRx Partners with Glassbox to Advance Digital Healthcare Solutions

DiRx adopts Glassbox’s solutions to enable frictionless pharmacy-to-patient digital journeys

NEW YORK  – Glassbox, the leading provider of digital experience analytics for web and mobile applications, today announced that DiRx, an online pharmacy for FDA-approved generic medicine, has selected Glassbox to enhance its customers’ digital experiences. DiRx will leverage Glassbox’s technology to achieve streamlined, frictionless experiences and industry-leading, prescriber-authorized pharmacy to patient digital journeys, better positioning the company, through the
application of consumer behavior analytics to its mobile and web services.

“We’re excited to assist DiRx in their mission to improve medication accessibility and affordability for all, whether or not someone has insurance, focusing on underserved communities. Through optimized digital journeys and customer experience, DiRx will improve its ability to cut down the cost of life-saving medicines and pass more savings on to consumers,” said Yaron Morgenstern, CEO, Glassbox. “Digital Experience Intelligence continues to be essential to enterprises in reaching their goals, and this partnership represents a tremendous step forward for digital CX’s role in healthcare tech.”

Glassbox’s solutions will enable DiRx to improve conversion rate optimization (CRO) by quickly identifying select business flow blockers. DiRx will gain meaningful understanding of consumer behavior through user and aggregate level reporting, quickly locate and review customer sessions to provide better service and increase First Call Resolution (FCR) and satisfaction as they are able to resolve customer struggles and quantify issue via voice of the customer (VoC) integrations.

“Healthcare is perceived as a burden category, and unfortunately most of the digital interactions are still lacking, compared to other industries. Through our partnership with Glassbox, we aim to better support individuals switching their prescriptions to our secure eCommerce platform, ensuring a frictionless experience. Glassbox gives us incredible insight into digital interactions, so we can efficiently optimize our platforms – in a way that addresses the most critical gaps first – reducing the time to value,” said Simone Grapini-Goodman, Chief Marketing Officer, DiRx.

The relationship represents a significant solution for DiRx, as they aim to meet consumers’ rising expectations while also mitigating increased prescription medicine costs for communities already lacking insurance and resources. Glassbox currently supports a trillion web and mobile journeys annually for some of the world’s largest retailers and enterprises.

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