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Glassbox Chosen by Viva Air Group to Optimize Digital Customer Experience

Glassbox expands its presence in LATAM and consolidates its leading role in the airline industry after announcing it has been selected by Viva Air Group

NEW YORK – Glassbox, the leading Digital Customer Experience Orchestration solution, announced it has been appointed by Viva Air Group, the leading low-cost airline in the region, to take their Digital Customer Experiences to new heights.

“We are planning to substantially scale-up the business in the next five years, from expanding our fleet and destinations served to offering our customers a flawless digital experience. Simply by recording several web sessions in our real environment, Glassbox allowed us to see exactly what each error costs us in terms of missed revenue, and that alone was worth the move. We also tried Glassbox well-known funnel functionality and it’s as easy and useful as it’s recognized to be. Glassbox has significantly increased our website conversion rates, it has dramatically reduced the number of issues and errors on our site but most importantly it has enabled us to give our customers an even better service,” said Lisa Mota Pinto CCO at Viva Air.

“Viva Air is a young and vibrant airline, truly committed to becoming the leading low-cost airline in the region and we are thrilled to help them achieving their ambitions”, explained Gaby Koren, General Manager – Americas, at Glassbox. “The process was extremely quick as we focused on our Cashbox functionality, which empowers enterprises to quantify the exact impact that each issue has on revenue, to quickly address them and to optimize customer experience.”

Glassbox has completed the full-scale web deployment in record time and it’s delivering previously un-tapped insights to cross-functional teams at Viva Air.

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