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Glassbox Doubles Its Revenue for the Third Consecutive Year by Continuously Delivering ROI to Customers

Glassbox, the Enterprise Digital Customer Experience Orchestration solution, posts record revenue for 2019 and announces plans for 2020

NEW YORK – Glassbox, the Enterprise Digital Customer Experience Orchestration solution, today announced it has more than doubled its annual revenue for the third consecutive year, bringing tangible value to an increasing number of global enterprises and sustaining its hypergrowth into 2020.

At the core of this success lie:

  • a record number of new enterprise accounts signed across verticals that span from financial services to travel and hospitality and from telecom to e-commerce and governmental institutions
  • a steep expansion into multiple departments across existing accounts, which highlights Glassbox’s unique ability to deliver tangible value to customer right from deployment, cater for various stakeholders and align them around augmented web and app analytics, whilst significantly improving customer experiences
  • conquering new geographies, among which several countries in Asia Pacific and Latin America
  • outstanding customer satisfaction, driven by superior ROI, which allows Glassbox to retain and expand its usage within existing client accounts
  • a substantial growth of mobile app analytics, combined with web analytics, which underlines the need for a unified customer journey mapping and user experience optimization across all platforms

“It’s impressive to see Glassbox doubling its revenue year-on-year, and we’re deeply grateful to our Customers and Partners for supporting our growth. Behind this success you will find a superior product that consistently delivers measurable value to customers from day one and the dedication of our global team in growing our new business portfolio across multiple verticals, retaining our existing customers and expanding within their accounts,” says Yaron Morgenstern, CEO at Glassbox.

He continues, “2019 has seen augmented online analytics becoming an integral part of digital customer experience management and we have even more ambitious plans for 2020, which will be a year of continuous growth for Glassbox. We will bring together real-time analytics and seamlessly blend them into business operations, with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide enterprises with directions on what actions are best and when.”

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